Career Milestone 2022 Awards Ceremony

The list below is CAS awardees. Full UofM Career Milestone Awards can be found on the Human Resources website.

The UofM will host its annual Career Milestone Awards Ceremony on Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. in the Maxine A. Smith University Center Ballroom (third floor) to celebrate our faculty and staff for their loyal and dedicated years of service to the University. Recipients are encouraged to arrive early. 

As part of this year's awards, Dr. Charles Crawford will be recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his 60 years of employment at the University. A professor in the Department of History, Crawford came to the UofM in 1962. He has served as the director of the University's Oral History Project since 1967.

Award recipients are encouraged to arrive early. Those unable to attend can view the ceremony live at: https://mediasite.memphis.edu/Mediasite/Channel/career-milestone-awards/watch/a2342296900249759f29c909f6225e351d 

For more information, contact Human Resources at 901.678.3573
or email engagement@memphis.edu.

Sixty Years of Service

Charles Crawford, History

Thirty-Five Years of Service 

James Bollwerk, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Robert Smalley, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Thirty Years of Service 

Dionysia Bacopulos, Mathematical Sciences
Eleanor Wade, Biological Sciences

Twenty-Five Years of Service 

Pilar Alcalde, World Languages and Literatures
Dipankar Dasgupta, Computer Science
John Gilmore, Anthropology
Marion Powless, Psychology
Mitchell Withers, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Twenty Years of Service 

Manohar Aggarwal, Mathematical Sciences
Jessyka Allyn, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Mervin Bartholomew, Earth Sciences
Gary Emmert, Chemistry
David Freeman, Biological Sciences
Cosetta Gaudenzi, World Languages and Literatures
Rika Hudson, College of Arts and Sciences
Mohamed Laradji, Physics and Materials Science
Joshua Phillips, English
Sajjan Shiva, Computer Science
Deborah Tollefsen, Philosophy
Stormey Warren, College of Education

Fifteen Years of Service

Randall Bayer, Biological Sciences
Adoracion Berry, World Languages and Literatures
Carlos Bolton, English
Keri Brondo, Anthropology
Chris Cramer, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Tomoko Fujiwara, Chemistry
Denis Grele, World Languages and Literatures
Latica Jones, College of Arts and Sciences
Amanda Lambert-Pennington, School of Urban Affairs
Kriangsiri Malasri, Computer Science
Scott Marler, History
Elizabeth Meisinger, Psychology
Carey Mickalites, English
Kendra Murphy, Sociology
Heike Polster, World Languages and Literatures
Firouzeh Sabri, Physics and Materials Science
Alistair Windsor, Mathematical Sciences
Lan Zhang, World Languages and Literatures

Ten Years of Service

William Alexander, Chemistry
Kristoffer Berlin, Psychology
Gavin Bidelman, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Dorian Burnette, Earth Sciences
Bert Burraston, Criminal Justice
Cristina Cervone, English
Christine Eisel, History
Susan Elswick, Social Work
Dawn Englert, Mathematical Sciences
Ronald Fuentes, English
Rebecca Horowitz, School of Urban Affairs
Michael Howell-Moroney, Public Administration
Jennifer Loftus, Sociology
Benjamin McCarty, Mathematical Sciences
George Megelsh, Criminal Justice
Joshua Oladele, Mathematical Sciences
Dursun Peksen, Political Science
Diana Ruggiero, World Languages and Literatures
Terrence Tucker, English
Elizabeth Weston, English
Chaquieta Williamson, Psychology

Five Years of Service*

Qianyi Cheng, Chemistry
Courtney Paulino, Physics and Materials Science
Lyndsay Saunders, Biological Sciences
Ron Serino, Interdisciplinary Studies
Bridget Wells, English
*Only staff are listed in 5 years / Faculty start at 10 years