Faculty Kudos (Spring 2023)

Center for Information Assurance (CfIA)

Mar - Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, Hill Professor in Cybersecurity and director of the Center for Information Assurance (CfIA), has contributed a chapter on “An Empirical Study of Algorithmic Bias” in the “Handbook on Computer Learning and Intelligence” (Vol. 2, Chapter 23).

Mar - Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, Hill Professor in Cybersecurity and Director of the Center for Information Assurance (CfIA), recently gave an invited talk on “Adversarial Machine Learning and Defense Strategies” at the University of South Carolina for the Computer Science and Engineering Department. He also toured their AI Institute and engaged in research discussions to explore collaboration opportunities.

Mar - A Research paper has been finalized under the direction of Dr. Dasgupta entitled "Insider Threat Detection and Prevention Protocol: ITDP (2021)." ITDP is a protocol utilized by authenticating a user's security questions to authenticate the user.

Mar - Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) staff member Tony Pinson recently served as a speaker at a K-12 STEM conference. He provided cybersecurity workshops on Internet Safety and Data Encryption in support of the CfIA's Community Outreach Program. The STEM conference was sponsored by the NSBE Memphis Professionals and held at the Macon Campus of Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Political Science 

Mar - Dr. Nicole Detraz, Department of Political Science professor, has published a new book with the MIT Press titled, "Women and Climate Change: Examining Discourses from the Global North." When you think "climate change," who comes to mind? In Women and Climate Change, Detraz asks where women in the Global North figure in the picture, what that means and why it matters. Her answers fill critical gaps in what we know about the politics of climate change and gender.


Mar - Dr. Roger Kreuz, professor of psychology and associate dean for the College of Arts & Sciences continues with his second writing for Psychology Today. The blog, "Small Talk and Big Ideas,” centers on language and communication and will be updated once a month. The second entry titled, "How We Talk When We Talk About January 6: The way we refer to an event can affect our later memory for it," can be found here.

Mar - The spring GeoMorFORUM was a success! It represents a great way to initiate interdisciplinary research teams with a common thread of geomorphology. We hope to see everyone with some new faces in the fall! Many thanks to @paleo_ray in the Department of Earth Sciences for organizing!

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