Academic Year 2023-24

  1. Motion to Appoint Faculty Representatives to the Faculty Appeals Committee
  2. Motion to Appoint Faculty Representatives to University Committees
  3. Motion to Recommend Adoption of AI Policy
  4. Motion to Discontinue Faculty Evaluation Survey of Deans and Directors
  5. Motion to Select Faculty Ombudsperson for 2024 - 2026
  6. Motion for Advisory Board and External Advisory Board Guidelines
  7. Motion to Approve Timeline for Faculty Senate Review of Revisions
  8. Motion to Recommend Approval of New List of Peer Institutions
  9. Motion to Recommend Salary Raise Distribution for FY 2024/2025
  10. Motion to Approve 360 Evaluation Performance Review Process
  11. Motion to Approve Suggestions for Improving the Process of Faculty Evaluations
  12. Motion to Revise 2024-25 Faculty Handbook
  13. Motion to Establish Centers and Institutes Policy