How To Apply for a BBA

Step 1:  Let's Get Started

If you are a transfer student or an incoming freshman, this website will have everything you need to get started on the admissions process.  We even have a Tiger Tracks Check List to ensure you know what you need as you go through the process.  Finally, always remember you can find more information at the Office of Admissions website!


Step 2:  Apply for Admission

After you have reviewed the admission requirements and residency information, apply to the University of Memphis >


Step 3:  What to Expect

You will receive a notification ( by email or letter ) that your application has been received.  You may be required to provide other documents to the Office of Admissions before a decision can be made regarding your application.  Once a decision has been made, you will receive an admission decision letter.


Step 4:  Early Credit and Placement

You may need to provide all necessary paperwork to the Office of Admissions regarding all dual enrollment, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate courses that you may have taken while in high school.


Step 5:  After Acceptance

Now, you should plan on attending our New Student Orientation along with activating your U of M account to prepare you for the upcoming Fall semester.  Welcome to the University of Memphis!


Important Contact Information

Office of Admissions

Wilder Tower, Room 101
901.678.2111 - Website


Wilder Tower, Room 201
901.678.3213 - Website

Financial Aid

Wilder Tower, Room 103
901.678.4825 - Website

Fogelman Undergraduate Student Services

Fogelman College Administration, Room 114
901.678.2855 - Website

More Questions?

Felicia Roddy-Jackson
Scholarship/Recruitment Coordinator