Training Workshops: Business Analytics for Managers Series

The business profession is in a transformative phase with data and technology at its center. Managers are expected to be able to think critically about problems, apply their foundational knowledge to new contexts, know how to work with data, use current technology and, perhaps more importantly, know how to adapt to and learn new technologies. Success in the new data environment requires an integrated set of skills, including everything related to data: discovering them, cleaning and organizing them, analyzing them, interpreting them and communicating them.

FCBE’s new executive education leadership series “Business Analytics for Managers” complements the traditional business education in management, marketing, operations, finance and accounting with data-driven tactics that can be applied to almost every business vertical. We explore data quality and interpretation, while learning to identify patterns, relationships and opportunities that we can use to influence business strategies and tactics. These short courses are offered online in 4-hour blocks. You may register for any or all of these courses.

decorative elementData Analytics: The Basics

Session I is an introductory course designed for business managers and executives who make data-driven decisions frequently. The objective is to give you the tools and skillsets to become smarter and more discerning in your approach to data. You will learn basic statistical concepts that will help you better understand your data. You will learn a variety of analytics packages, modules, and programming skills with Python.

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decorative elementPython, Excel & Data Visualization

Session II is an overview of the common functionalities of NumPy and Pandas and visualization tools. You will learn Pandas library for data wrangling and data visualization. You will learn some most commonly used Python libraries for descriptive measures and the construction of tables and graphs. You will learn how to plot different types of plots using Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries.

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decorative elementMachine Learning & Text Analytics

Session III is to teach Python machine learning, oriented to business people. You will learn, from scratch, NumPy, ScikitLearn and TensorFlow solving regression or classification problems and data clustering.  You will learn text mining skills that use natural language processing to transform the unstructured text in documents and databases into normalized, structured data suitable for analysis or to drive machine learning algorithms.

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decorative elementWebscraping, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Session IV is to teach web scraping tools (e.g., Requests, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Scrapy) and the data scraping process of extracting data from websites. You will learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology, why and how blockchains matter to businesses, its applications, etc. Likewise, you will learn digital tokens, the current cryptocurrency environment and methods of cryptocurrency creation.

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