Training Workshops: Executive Skills Series

Given the changing nature of business as we continue to transition to more hybrid work arrangements, business professionals must have the latest tools to address a variety of work arrangements. FCBE’s new executive training workshop series “Executive Skills” enhances traditional business education in management, marketing, operations, finance, economics and accounting with relevant topics that are required for sustained success in today's operational environment. We cover issues associated with a variety of topics (e.g., workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, change & crisis management, media & public relations, creative leadership for innovation, ethical leadership, talent acquisition & development, high performing teams, strategic brand development, strategic information technology, managing global supply chains, etc.) to provide business leaders with the skills required to ensure continued strategic development and sustainability in today's dynamic business segments. These short courses are offered online in 4-hour blocks. You may register for any or all of the courses.

decorative elementBuilding & Sustaining High Performing Teams

Teams are foundational building blocks of today’s work life as they are essential for competitive advantage and required to organize and carry out most work functions. When we think of High Performing Teams, we often think of examples from sports, crediting talent or coaching as the key. But high performing teams are attainable for all business sectors and talent and leadership are just two key elements. This session explores the evidence-base regarding effective teamwork of high performing teams and aids participants in translating this information to their own work environments, enabling optimum, sustained performance in their work teams.

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decorative elementActing Tradecraft for Professional Speaking & Media Engagements

Elevate your professional speaking ability to a new level with focused training in acting tradecraft. From the creative worlds of theatre and film, learn effective movement, voicing, breathing, body posture, staging, lighting, camera angles and much more. Strengthen your communicative confidence though proven technique. Designed to produce immediate and tangible results. Taught by veteran actor and creative marketing communications professor Dr. Gregory Boller.

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