MS in Accountancy Degree Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will be knowledgeable in accounting and its functional support of organizations.

  • Understand and process the information and outputs needed by various organizations using appropriate documentation.
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in the graduate's area of concentration.
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in financial accounting.

Goal 2: Graduates will be effective communicators and team members.

  • Deliver an organized and persuasive oral presentation that demonstrates focus, time management, and effective visuals.
  • Create a clear, well-organized project using quantitative tools and documentation when appropriate.
  • Collaborate effectively in a team environment on a course project.

Goal 3: Graduates will be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

  • The graduate will be able to identify and frame problems involving accounting issues.
  • The graduate will be able to formulate and defend an effective strategy for solving problems.

Goal 4: Graduates will be aware of ethical ramifications and global business implications of decisions.

  • The graduate will understand the basic accounting ethical rules.
  • The graduate will recognize the ethical ramifications of various accounting decisions in a written assignment.
  • The graduate will understand differences in global accounting practices.

Goal 5: Graduates will be technologically competent. 

  • The graduate will be proficient in using online resources to solve problems relating to accounting applications.
  • The graduate will be proficient in the use of computer-based problem-solving aids for accounting applications.


(page updated 3/6/2018)