MS in Accounting: Assurance of Learning Summary

The Master of Science program at the School of Accountancy at the Fogelman College provides a Service Sector Accounting Focus supportive of the market served by the school an in-line with ongoing employment opportunities. To be considered for this program, a student must apply and be accepted by both the School of Accountancy and the University Graduate School. 

Students pursuing the MS in Accounting must complete 30 hours of approved graduate credit of which 21 hours must be in accounting. 

  • Refer to the MS in Accounting section the Fogelman website for additional information about this degree.

2016-17 Assessment & CTL Cycle

The college conducted and completed a full assessment & CTL cycle for the MS-ACCT degree over an 8-month period beginning in Fall 2016 and ending in Spring 2017. (The most-recent prior assessment of the MS-ACCT degree was completed in 2013.)  Efforts were employed to maximize the quantity and quality of the assessment data by sampling a broad cross-section of sections and faculty.

The CTL committee convened in the Spring of 2018 to complete its analysis and submit a full MS-ACCT CTL Report in April 2018.

Notes on Assessment (MS-ACCT):

  • For the purposes of Assurance-of-Learning Assessment, the MS in Accounting program has healthy enrollments, but requires collection of data over multiple semesters to ensure sufficient data for thorough analysis.  
  • Where assessment of MS in Accounting students involves sections including students enrolled in other graduate programs (MBA, MSIS, MSBA, etc.) the data is filtered to include only MS-Accounting students.


(page updated: 4/30/2018)