PhD Degree CTL Action Items

Update with Actions Taken on Spring 2019 Report.

Communication from Dean's Office to PhD Coordinators and Department Chairs (sent 3/6/2020):


Chairs and PhD coordinators,

Please read the attached PhD action report. FCBE's AoL committee has generated a recommended set of actions based on a college-wide review of our PhD program. We need your help across depts to implement this action plan effective immediately. Specifically, based on faculty-driven recommendations, please implement the following in your depts and confirm with me that these actions will take place moving forward (also document/save evidence of the actions):

1. More practice presentations including that PhD candidates be specifically scheduled to present in research colloquia sessions on a regular basis.
2. Development of a universal set of research presentation assessment guidelines (standard rubric) to be used for all PhD student research presentations (PhD subcouncil develops).
3. Depts provide additional funding to support PhD candidate participation in academic conferences where they present research.

Charles Pierce
Associate Dean, Academic Programs & Research
Professor of Management

(page updated: 7/8/2020)