Invention Disclosure

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Why should I file an Invention Disclosure?

Simply put, invention disclosures serve to protect faculty inventions!

Patent rights are dependent on publication dates, and under US patent law, disclosure is interpreted very broadly.

Types of disclosure that can put patent protection at risk include:

  • Presentations at conferences, whether or not the presentation includes printed handouts
  • Research abstracts presented in a public forum. This includes research abstracts that are published before meetings either online or in printed materials
  • Posters shown at meetings (considered public publications)
  • Cataloged thesis or dissertations
  • Posting of information on websites. This includes postings on your individual lab websites. If it can be accessed through the web, it is considered a public disclosure
  • Publications. Publications are considered public disclosures the minute they become available to the public. For many publications, this occurs when published online in advance of the printed journal
  • Published grant applications
  • Meetings with company representatives or colleagues outside the UI where information is disclosed without a confidentiality agreement

The invention disclosure is a way to document your invention with the OTT so that the University can apply for a patent protection. By disclosing your invention to the OTT at an early stage and applying for patent protection, you are free to openly discuss and publish research related to your invention.

Is my research potentially patentable?

In order to be patentable, an invention must be:

  • Useful
  • Novel
  • Non-obvious to those skilled in the field

How do I submit an invention disclosure?

Click Here To Download the Form

Tell us about your invention by contacting Hai Trieu at hhtrieu@memphis.edu or 901-678-1712.

Or Download and fill out our invention disclosure form using the link above and email to hhtrieu@memphis.edu or mail to: Fedex Institute of Technologies, University of Memphis, 365 Fogelman Drive, Suite 303, Memphis, TN 38152-3115 ATTN: Hai Trieu

Please contact hhtrieu@memphis.edu in case you have any questions.

What is the UofM IP Policy?

This policy covers the ownership, distribution and commercial development of the intellectual property of all faculty, staff, student employees, students and postdoctoral fellows, as well as non-employees who participate or intend to participate in teaching and/or research or scholarship projects at the University of Memphis. The entire UofM IP Policy can be viewed RE7004 - Intellectual Property.

What resources do you have available for students and faculty interested in entrepreneurship?

The Crews Center for Entrepreneurship encourages and supports a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the University of Memphis, helping faculty and student entrepreneurs as they focus their passion to commercialize their research, ideas and inventions into the foundations of successful startup companies.
The Crews Center houses a world class technology venture development lab with flexible co-working space for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, furnished offices for visiting investors and mentors, lab areas for prototype development, meeting rooms and more.