Property Management Minor

Academic Advisors

Mark Alpuente (FIR Advisor)
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Trellis Morgan (Undergraduate Student Services Manager)
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Career Opportunities

The Property Management Minor is ideally suited for the student who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of property management. The property management field is very broad and includes not only residential, but also office, retail and industrial management. As a result, the property management field provides a wide range of different career opportunities that can best fit your needs and desires. The Property Management Minor has been designed to provide flexibility for the student to select between different advanced real estate classes in areas they are most interested in and where they feel might best fit their future career plans. The minor also requires an internship experience with a property management firm which is designed to provide the student with very valuable industry experience.

A career in property management can be in:

  • Managing and leasing property for residential, commercial or industrial uses.
  • Property Management at either the local or regional level.
  • Involved as a real estate portfolio manager or asset manager.

However, it can also be involved in:

  • Accounting and financing services for a property management firm.
  • Marketing director
  • Facilities Management of properties owned by public, nonprofit or private entities.
  • Building engineers and construction managers employed by property management firms.


Many scholarship opportunities are available for qualified students majoring in finance with a concentration in real estate, as well as pursuing the Property Management Minor.

Minor Requirements

For Students Whose Major is in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics (15 hours):

  • FIR 3310 – Real Estate Principle (3)
  • FIR 4330 – Principles of Property Management (3)
  • FIR 4911 – Internship in Property Management (3)

And 6 hours (two) classes from the following:

  • FIR 4310 – Real Estate Law (3)
  • FIR 4320 – Real Estate Finance (3)
  • FIR 4340 – Real Estate Appraisal (3)
  • FIR 4350 – Real Estate Investment (3)

For students whose major is within another College at the University (18 hours):

  • In addition to the above requirements, FIR 3410 (Financial Management) is also required. FIR 3410 is a 3 hour class.

For More Information

For additional information about this concentration, contact the Undergraduate Student Services Office at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics or the Program Advisor, Dr. Mark Sunderman. The Undergraduate Student Services Office is located in room 114 of the Fogelman College Administration Building ( 901.678.2855 | fcbeadvising@memphis.edu ).

Program Advisor

Dr. Mark Sunderman Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence Director, Professional Real Estate Certificate programDr. Mark Sunderman
Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence
Director, Professional Real Estate Certificate program
Fogelman College Administration Building, Rm 436
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