Financial Planning Track

Program Description

The Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate offers an undergraduate track in financial planning that meets the specific criteria for students who wish to fulfill the education component for obtaining CFP® certification. This Financial Planning Educational Program/Track is registered with the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards Inc. to verify that the student has completed coursework covering all 72 topics tested on the CFP® Certification Exam.

We offer the only on-site CFP Board (Washington DC) recognized program in Memphis and surrounding areas. Taught by experienced and well renowned faculty, the students who successfully complete this program are deemed to have met the Education requirement set forth by the Financial Planning Board and are eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. This Financial Planning Educational Program/Track will help students to develop the needed skills to pursue career opportunities in the financial services industry.

Career Opportunities

Financial Planners, Accountants, Bankers, Attorneys, Stock Brokers, Investment Advisors, Insurance Producers, Retirement or Benefits Professionals, Other related Professionals and Career Changers.

Program Requirements

Financial Planning Certificate — Complete this program and take the CFP® Certification ExamThese 6 courses, (a) cover the 72 CFP exam topics and makes them eligible to sit for the exam, (b) count towards their FIR degree and (c) provide a departmental certificate indicating completion of the track:

  • ACCT 3510 - Federal Income Tax I or ACCT 4521/6521 - Individual Tax Compliance
  • FIR 3410 - Financial Management
  • FIR 4870 - Risk Management or FIR 3810 - Principles of Risk and Insurance
  • FIR 3710 - Investments
  • FIR 4011 - Retirement and Estate Planning
  • FIR 4620 - Cases in Financial Planning or FIR 4610 - Cases in Managerial Finance

Upon completion of the 6 courses (with a grade of C or better), students should contact their UG academic advisor or faculty advisors listed below for verification, program completion documentation, and CFP board reporting.

In addition, the following electives are recommended for strengthening your knowledge base: ACCT 2010, ACCT 3130, FIR 3720, FIR 3310, MGMT 3510.

Students have a 3-in-1 opportunity (Finance Degree, CFP exam education requirements eligibility, Departmental certificate indicating track completion).

Additional CFP Certificate Information:

The Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate has CFP board recognition of the University of Memphis, Finance degree. Courses required to meet the CFP exam educational requirements are here.

Non-finance majors may register as non-degree students and take the courses listed on the link above. More information about non-degree seeking students is available here.

For Information regarding the Fee structure and costs for the University of Memphis, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate courses see the Bursar office.

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