Professional Real Estate Program

Program Description

The Professional Real Estate program does not require previous training in real estate and is designed for students who desire careers in real estate or for real estate professionals seeking additional training, but not interested in a four year degree in real estate. Real estate opportunities exist in leasing, property management, mortgage lending, corporate real estate analysis, real estate development, real estate investment, real estate valuation and assessment, and brokerage (residential or commercial).

Program Requirements

The Professional Real Estate Program consists of six courses (18 hours) - five of these classes are in real estate.

The following two classes are required (6 hours):

  • FIR 3310 – Principles of Real Estate (3)
  • FIR 3410 – Financial Management (3)

Four additional classes (12 hours) need to be taken from the following five real estate classes:

  • FIR 4310 – Real Estate Law (3)
  • FIR 4320 – Real Estate Finance (3)
  • FIR 4330 – Principles of Property Management (3)
  • FIR 4340 – Real Estate Appraisal (3)
  • FIR 4350 – Real Estate Investment (3)

Other than the Principles class (FIR 3310), each of the advanced real estate classes can be taken at the 6000 graduate level. FIR 3410 also has a graduate version – FIR 7155 that can be taken instead of FIR 3410. Instead of FIR 3310, it can be replaced with FIR 7301, which is a graduate version of the Principles of Real Estate class. As a result, this Professional Real Estate program can be fully offered at the graduate or undergraduate level.

The program is independent of any University of Memphis degree program. No transfer credit will be accepted for these six courses. For non-business degree students, there are no prerequisites required. Each of these classes is offered online and on campus. Online classes have the same coverage, rigor, and follow the same time schedule as the University of Memphis. The online option allows the student to complete these courses without leaving their home. Since the online courses are asynchronous, even though they still have set deadlines, they do not require a student to be online at a given time providing the advantage of flexibility. Course offerings have been arranged so it is possible to complete the program in approximately 18 months. Tuition charges for out-of-state students enrolled solely in online courses are comparable to in-state tuition costs.

The Professional Real Estate Document of Completion is issued by the Fogelman College of Business and Economics and administrated by the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. The Document of Completion is not posted on the student's university transcript.

NOTE: It is incumbent on the student to contact the program advisor, Dr. Mark Sunderman, the final semester of their coursework to receive the Document of Completion. It is also recommended to register with Dr. Sunderman your intent to pursue the program.  It will be easier for him to track your progress and schedule classes.

Program Advisor

Dr. Mark Sunderman Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence Director, Professional Real Estate Certificate programDr. Mark Sunderman
Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence
Director, Professional Real Estate Program
Fogelman College Administration Building, Rm 436
901.678.5142 | email