Finance, Real Estate Concentration (B.B.A.)

Academic Advisors

Mark Alpuente (FIR Advisor)
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Trellis Morgan (Undergraduate Student Services Manager)
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Career Advisors

Dr. Mark Sunderman
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Dr. Pankaj Jain (Interim Department Chair)
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Career Opportunities

Real estate is a specialized area of finance. Many of the concepts learned in finance are applied in the field of real estate. A Real Estate Concentration is designed for students who desire careers that specialize in real estate and related industries. Since the real estate field is very broad, this concentration is designed to give the student flexibility in selecting courses that more fit their areas of interest yet still provide them the training needed to be successful in real estate.

Job Opportunities

Opportunities exist both in private industry and in government. As a career can be involved in:

  • Buying, selling or leasing property for residential, commercial or industrial uses.
  • Managing, financing or evaluating residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Developing subdivisions, shopping centers and other properties.
  • Valuation of residential or commercial real estate for government, industry or private use.
  • Working in real estate related industries such as title companies, mortgage banking, land use planning and architecture.

If you are interested in real estate sales or pursuing your Tennessee Affiliate Broker license, the Finance, Real Estate Concentration (B.B.A.) degree can help meet some of the requirements.

Scholarships and Internships

Many scholarship opportunities are available for qualified students majoring in real estate. Internships dealing with real estate are also available.

Lambda Alpha / Real Estate Fraternity

Lambda Alpha Real Estate Student Organization is sponsored by Lambda Alpha International (LAI), an honorary society for the advancement of land economics. LAI provides a forum for the study and advancement of land economics where the "winnowing and sifting" of ideas takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The student organization is not limited to Real Estate majors or those in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics. We encourage those interested in the field of Real Estate to join us in several meetings each semester to hear speakers from the Real Estate profession and learn about career opportunities in Real Estate. Internship opportunities will also be explored.


  • FIR 3410 – Financial Management (part of FCBE Business Core)

Core requirements in the Finance Department:

A minimum of 24 upper division semester hours in courses as follows:

  • FIR 3710 - Investments
  • FIR 3720 - Financial Markets

Real Estate Concentration (18 hours):

  • FIR 3310 – Real Estate Principles
  • FIR 4320 – Real Estate Finance
  • FIR 4350 – Real Estate Investment

Choose 3 courses from the following:

  • FIR 1220 – Personal Financial Management
  • FIR 4310 – Real Estate Law
  • FIR 4330 – Principles of Property Management
  • FIR 4340 – Real Estate Appraisal
  • FIR 4440 – Intermediate Managerial Finance
  • FIR 4710 – Commercial Banking
  • FIR 4720 – Management of Financial Institutions
  • FIR 4911 – Internship in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
  • ESCI 4515 – Geographic Info Science

For More Information

For additional information about this concentration, contact the Undergraduate Student Services Office at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics or the Program Advisor, Dr. Mark Sunderman. The Undergraduate Student Services Office is located in room 114 of the Fogelman College Administration Building ( 901.678.2855 | fcbeadvising@memphis.edu ).

Program Advisor

Dr. Mark Sunderman Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence Director, Professional Real Estate Certificate programDr. Mark Sunderman
Professor and Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence
Director, Professional Real Estate Program
Fogelman College Administration Building, Rm 436
901.678.5142 | email