Interested in a career Real Estate Sales?

In Tennessee (other States have different requirements) there are two main designations: (1) Affiliate Broker and the (2) Broker license. Most of you likely would not initially be interested in the Broker license since it requires having been an Affiliate Broker for three years first.

Main requirements of the Affiliate Broker

"[Tennessee Real Estate Commission, TREC] requires 90 hours of pre-license education before obtaining an affiliate license. The 60 hour Basic Principles of Real Estate (see page 10) course must be successfully completed prior to taking the exam and the 30 hour Course for New Affiliates (see page 11) course must be completed prior to licensure. After completion of the exam, an applicant must affiliate with a firm within six (6) months or retire the license."
- https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/commerce/documents/regboards/trec/posts/TREC_Instructor_Training_Manual.pdf

Note: it appears these page numbers are off by one.

The "60 hour requirement" can be met (see item (a) below) with the Finance, Real Estate Concentration (B.B.A.)

"Pursuant to Rule 1260-5-.03(6), a candidate for an affiliate broker license shall be deemed to have completed the 60 hour course if: (a) the candidate holds a college or university degree with a major or concentration in real estate and the candidate's transcript shows successful completion of at least one 3 hour (30 hours or more of classroom instruction) course in the principles/fundamentals of real estate an at a minimum two more courses totaling at least 60 hours of classroom instruction in real estate as evidenced by the title or description of the course; or (b) the candidate holds a law degree . . ." (Taken from Tennessee Real Estate Commission Instructor Training Manual page 8 and 9).

The "30-hour Course for New Affiliates" we do not have a course that meets this requirement at the University of Memphis. If you want a full listing of approved "schools", you can find it here.