Graduate Non-Degree Status

The Graduate Non-Degree classification is for domestic students who wish to enroll in graduate courses but who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree at the University or whose applications are incomplete. Graduate non-degree applicants must show proof of having earned a baccalaureate degree at the time the application. At the end of the first semester of course work, the Graduate Non-Degree student may be required to furnish an official transcript showing at minimum a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

Upon application, the non-degree student is required to sign the Graduate Non-Degree Agreement form agreeing that coursework taken above 12 credits while in non-degree status will not apply to degree programs. Academic areas may restrict non-degree students to designated courses only. Graduate Non-Degree students who later decide to matriculate for a degree must submit a new admissions application to The Graduate School and must meet all admissions requirements.

Master's students in programs requiring 36 hours or fewer are limited to 12 credit hours while in non-degree status. Students in degree programs requiring more than 36 hours must take at least 2/3 of the credit hours required in that program after acceptance into the program. Doctoral students must take at least 2/3 of the credit hours required in a degree program after acceptance into the program. Students should also note that some academic units count course work toward a degree only after admission or have more restrictive policies regarding the number of non-degree hours that count toward the degree.

Graduate non-degree students are responsible for being thoroughly familiar with the rules, regulations, and degree requirements of the Graduate School and of the academic units, as well as with the Code of Student Conduct. Non-degree students must also maintain a 3.00 GPA in graduate courses in order to re-enroll and are not eligible for graduate assistantships.