Social Wellness

Social Wellness considers how we relate to others; how we connect, communicate, and get along with the people that we are surrounded by. Satisfying relationships and a strong social support network can enhance our overall well-being and provide us with additional resources for navigating life’s challenges.


Feeling a sense of belonging to a group or community is important to the success and well-being of individuals.

Helpful resources:

  1. UofM Event Calendar
  2. Student Outreach and Support
  3. Student Activities Council (SAC)
  4. SGA
  5. Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
  6. Multicultural Affairs
  7. Student Leadership and Involvement
  8. Intramural Sports
  9. Veterans Resource Center
  10. SafeZone: GLBT resources
  11. Tiger Zone
  12. Tigers Thrive
  13. U of M Games
  14. Theatre
  15. Music
  16. Alumni


Conflicts can arise between family members, roommates, professor/student, neighbor, etc.  Understanding how to work with others is key to success and well-being.

Helpful resources:

  1. Counseling Center
  2. Student Healthy Relationships
  3. Go Ask Alice
  4. Healthy Relationships Fair
  5. Student Accountability
  6. Parenting Students


Helpful resources:

  1. More Than 100 Things to Do in Memphis without Alcohol & Other Drugs booklet – available in Student Health Services (and soon to be online)
  2. Visiting Memphis