Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness considers overall health and what you need to do to maintain a healthy body. It is the ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions related to fitness, nutrition, sleep health, and sexual behaviors.


Physical fitness is an important aspect of overall wellness and includes cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body fat % (or BMI), and balance.  Improving your physical fitness can lead to enhanced self-esteem, self-control, determination, and life’s sense of direction.

Helpful resources:

  1. Campus Recreation
  2. MyFitnessPal - fitness and nutrition log and tips
  3. No-Equipment-Needed Workout
  4. Prevention and Wellness Help
  5. Fitness Class Videos
  6. Ask The Trainer
  7. Sign up for PHED classes


Proper nutrition is like putting the optimal fuel in a vehicle.  Optimal fuel helps the vehicle run smoothly at its full power and performance

Helpful resources:

  1. Campus Nutrition Consultation
  2. Healthy Teaching Kitchen
  3. ChooseMyPlate.gov

Sleep Health

“When we miss out on sleep to keep up with our 24/7 world, we pay a price with our ability to learn, our health and safety, and our quality of life.” –according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Helpful resources:

  1. Healthy Sleeping Tips
  2. Why is sleep important?
  3. Why sleep matters

Sexual Health

Your sexual health is vital to your overall health. Staying safe it not only about using condoms, it’s about knowing your body and how to take care of it before, during, and after sexual experiences. 

Helpful resources:

  1. You can find free condoms on campus in the Health Center or in the Counseling Center. 
  2. Student Health Services
  3. Go Ask Alice
  4. CDC Sexual Health Topics
  5. STI Clinic
  6. Family Planning Clinic
  7. Sexual Assault