Industry Partners

Good collaboration is important to the growth! Without it, innovation is incomplete. At Herff Engineering, our researchers collaborate with private and public entities, UofM partners and other academic institutions to provide the best technologies to help shape the world around us. We also help organizations build a solid and knowledgeable workforce through our career and intern/co-op services. 

We provide many ways to partner with us. 

Financial Support

  • Student Services
  • Sponsored Research
  • Equipment
  • Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Named facilities/rooms


  • Student Mentoring
  • Design Project Evaluation
  • Guest Lecturing

Student Employment

If you are interested in the career services or internship/co-op opportunities , please email Shelia Moses, srmoses@memphis.edu

If you are interested in supporting Herff Engineering as a donor or partner, please email Clarice Hunt, clarice.hunt@memphis.edu