eDay Activities and Demonstrations

Departmental Events

Biomedical Department Demonstrations

Seeing Inside the Body: Ultrasound Imaging with Dr. Carl Herickhoff
322B Engineering Technology

Seeing Inside the Body: BioImaging with Dr. Aaryani Sajja
322D Engineering Technology

What is Biomedical Engineering? with Dr. Amber Jennings
303 Engineering Technology

Spare Parts: Impants & Devices with Dr. Joel Bumgardner
321 Engineering Technology

Biomechanics of the Knee with  Dr. John Williams
119 Engineering Technology

ABC's of ECG's with Dr. Amy Curry
322A Engineering Technology 

Cotton Candy to Tissue Regeneration Templates with Dr. Gary Bowlin
120 Engineering Technology 

Civil Department Demonstrations

Driving Simulator
Pawan Neupane, graduate assistant
112A Engineering Science

Earthquake Demonstration
Dr. Shahram Pezeshk
109 Engineering Science

Environmental Demonstration
Dr. Farhad Jazaei
207 Engineering Science

Hydraulics Demonstration
Dr. Claudio Meier
113 Engineering Science

LiDar and Drone in Civil Engineering
Jarrad Mallard, Survey Project Manager, Fisher Arnold
First-floor Hallway of Engineering Science

Spaghetti Structures
Dr. Pegah Farshadmanesh
First-floor Hallway Engineering Science

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Activities

Transportation Jeopardy 
203 Engineering Administration

Transportation Challenge
Engineering Administration 1st Floor Lobby

ITS: Automated Pedestrian Detection Activity 
Engineering Administration 1st Floor Lobby

Sphero Demonstration: Truck Platooning
Engineering Administration 1st Floor Lobby

Industry Professional Interactions
Engineering Administration 1st Floor

Electrical and Computer Department Demonstrations

"Remote Sensing: Gaining Close Insight From Afar"
Dr. Alf Ramirez – EECE, Lab ET107, Dr. Jacobs
107 Engineering Technology

"Robot Control Through Learning From Demonstrations"
Dr. Davoodi
231 Engineering Science

"Indoor Solar Power Generator"
Dr. Ali, Sai Vodapally
211A Engineering Science

"Focusing Light with Ray Optics"
Dr. Hossam Shalaby
221 Engineering Science

"Fun with Electric Circuits"
Dr. Iman Taheri
227 Engineering Science

Engineering Technology Department Demonstrations


Work Process Improvement: Interactive Demo
226-236 Engineering Technology
Rajesh Balasubramanian

CNC Competition (link to website)
ET 112
Robert Hewitt
Event Sign-up Link

Industrial Robotics Integration
226/236 Engineering Technology
Dr. Kevin Berisso

Micro Robot Demonstration
227 Engineering Technology
Dr. Faruk Ahmed

Mechanical Department Demonstrations

Dancing acoustic bubbles and microstreaming
323 Engineering Science 
Dr. Yuan Gao

Ultrasonic powder dispersion device
325 Engineering Science 
Dr. Ranga Gopalakrishnan

Materials testing and 3D metal printing
319 Engineering Science 
Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh

Wind tunnel airfoil flow visualization
113 Engineering Science 
Dr. Danny Foti

AIAA Design/Build/Fly plane
113 Engineering Science 
Dr. Danny Foti

Fatigue and fracture of materials and structures
115 Engineering Science 
Dr. Ali Fatemi

Metal Additive Manufacturing
120C Engineering Technology, MAML
Dr. Reza Molaei

Everything Is a Heat Transfer Problem
324 Engineering Science
Dr. Alex Headley

Herff College Demonstrations

Robotics/STEM Hub Informational Table
Engineering Administration 2nd floor lobby