eDay Competitions

Each competition is governed by independent student organizations or Herff faculty. Contact information for each is provided with the specific competition information. If you have any other questions about eDay, feel free to email us at  engineering@memphis.edu


Hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers
This competition is designed for students in grades 6 through 12 to teach them how structures are made. 

Location: ES 218

Catapult Competition Rules >


Chipboard Beam

The objective of this project is to develop a beam made from chipboard with the highest strength-to-weight ratio (SWR):

strength to weight ratio

If you have any questions about this competition, please contact Dr. Charles Camp, cvcamp@memphis.edu

Location: ES 114

Chipboard Beam Rules >


Egg Drop

Hosted by the Alliance of Women Engineers of Color

Teams are required to purchase their own materials and build their Egg Drop container prior to arrival at the competition. Students in middle school and high school may participate in this event.

Location: ET Middle Stairwell

Eggdrop Rules >


Electromagnetic Rollercoaster, Grades 9-12

Governed by IEEE & IEEE-HKN
Contact Info: IEEE@memphis.edu

Location: ES 222

Rollercoaster Rules >


Electromagnetic Train, Grades 6-8

Governed by IEEE & IEEE-HKN
Contact Info: IEEE@memphis.edu

Location: ES 222

Train Rules >


Flash Build, Grades 4-8

Governed By Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Contact Info: Amy.Curry@memphis.edu

Schools may have up to two teams entering the competition.

Location: EA 2nd Floor Lobby

Flash Build Rules >



The competition is designed to test the ingenuity of the team to design an ‘artificial leg’ to kick a standard ping-pong ball into a target.

Contact Info: jjnnings@memphis.edu

Location: ET 301A

Kicker Rules >


Launch Distance, Grades 6-8

This event has been combined with Catapult.  Please go to ES 218 for this event.

Launch Distance Rules >


Paper Airplane

By American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Contact: dvfoti@memphis.edu
Location: Fluids Lab -  ES 113
Competition to construct and throw a paper airplane furthest.

In this competition, you will design a paper airplane from a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper with the objective of achieving the longest flight.  Each participant will be given 15 minutes to design a paper airplane.  Paper will be provided.   When the participant is ready, they have upto three chances to throw their paper airplane from designated launch area in a designated flight area.   Judges will measure the distance of the flight.   Flights that are outside the designated flight area or thrown from outside the designated launch area will be disqualified.   The participant with the longest flight wins. 

Pasta Car, Grades 6-12

By University of Memphis American Society of Mechanical Engineers chapter with support from University of Memphis Society of Automotive Engineers and University of Memphis American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers

The competition is designed to test the ingenuity of the team to design an ‘artificial leg’ to kick a standard ping-pong ball into a target.

Location: ES 326

Pasta Car Rules >

Penny Boat Challenge

Governed by Tau Beta Pi
Contact Info: Amy.Curry@memphis.edu

Competitors are working to determine whether the shape of a boat can affect how much weight it holds
– specifically, a foil boat holding pennies!

Location: ET 233

Penny Boat Rules >

Robot Maze, Grades 9-12

Governed by the Society of Mechanical Engineers

Location: EA 300

Robot Maze Rules >

Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge

Governed by National Society of Hispanic Engineers, Engineering Student Council
Contact Info:i.surbrook@memphis.edu

The goal of the game is to give each team a set of supplies to construct the tallest tower or building using the provided materials and the given time. 

Location: ET 200

Spaghetti Tower Rules >

Transportation Challenge

Governed by Institute For Transportation Engineers
Contact Info:lnsrbugh@memphis.edu (Logan Sirbaugh)

Student teams will compete with K’NEX vehicles that they bring and submit to the judges on E-Day. 

Location: EA 103

Transportation Challenge Rules >

The Wall, Grades 9-12

The WALL competition is about teamwork, resource utilization and balancing forces. The goal of the competition is to support one team member in a chair attached to a plywood wall using common duct tape. The winner will be the team that supports the greatest student weight per gram of duct tape used.

Location: ET 302

The Wall Rules >