Electromagnetic Train Grades 6-8

Governed by IEEE & IEEE-HKN
Contact Info: IEEE@memphis.edu

Using copper wire and AA batteries, those competing will create a circular coil made out of copper that the AA batteries are able to freely travel inside of. The video below can be seen as a reference on how to create this type of system: https://youtu.be/Fd3O6sXBXqA?si=D4GApRQ9quT2Y1pd

Anything may be used to create the circular form for the coil, as long as it does not remain during testing. The objective of this competition is to create the longest coil possible that the battery can travel in.


There are very few rules on how to compete, which will be stated in simple details here:

  1. When competing, the only materials should be the copper and the battery
  2. Anything may be used to create the coil form for the copper
  3. If the battery stops before it reaches the end of the coil, then it will not be able to win.
  4. The longest coil, or the farthest travelling battery, will be the winning team.