The Department of History at The University of Memphis is committed to providing both our on-campus and online students with enriching educational experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. History internships are intended to provide students with a meaningful hands-on experience.

History internships should:

  • Give students the opportunity to see historians and history in action.
  • Provide students with opportunities to apply analytical, interpretive, expressive, and creative skills developed in coursework to history-oriented projects.
  • Augment students’ historical knowledge and skills.
  • Augment students’ professional experience and skills.
  • Fulfill individual learning objectives that will aid future study/work plans as outlined by individual students and their faculty advisors.

Course Credit

Students may enroll for 1-12 hours of academic credit based on a combination of hours accumulated through on-site work, class meetings, and associated class assignments. 1 credit hour = 35 hours of on-site work + 15 hours coursework. HIST 4020 will meet 3-5 times a semester and assignments will vary based on the number of credits in which a student has enrolled. Internship grades are based on a combination of on-site hours worked and coursework completed; these grades are given on a traditional scale of A-F.

Internship Scholarships

In order to encourage students to take advantage of these outside experiences, the History Department awards up to three $2000 scholarships per year to students who seek out and complete an approved internship experience, which includes enrollment in at least 3 credit hours of the HIST 4020 internship course. Priority will be given to students in positions that promote their development as historians and prepare them for future careers and/or graduate study in history.

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Getting Started...

The supervising internship faculty member for History internships and the instructor of HIST 4020 is Dr. Chrystal Goudsouzian. In special situations, students may be able to set up HIST 4020 with an appropriate History faculty mentor of their choosing. Please check out our past partners below and get familiar with the internship contract. Then contact Dr. Goudsouzian at cdykes@memphis.edu to get started!

Past Internship Partners (coming soon)