M.A. Program Advising

The Director of Graduate Studies advises students admitted into the history graduate program when they first enroll. Although you may eventually choose a thesis advisor and turn to that person or other faculty members for academic guidance, you should still direct all technical questions about department and university requirements and policies to the Director of Graduate Studies. For routine matters, such as forms, applications, deadlines, etc. you should get in touch with the Graduate Secretary, Dr. Erika Feleg, 901.678.1366, refeleg@memphis.edu.

•    Before you register for the first time, and at least once a year thereafter, you will need to obtain advising clearance from the Director of Graduate Studies. If you try to register before getting this clearance, you will get a message that you need a PIN. What you actually need is clearance from the Director of Graduate Studies. Bring an up-to-date M.A. planning form to your advising meeting, available here. List all courses you have taken and plan to take on the form. The planning form includes guidelines for degree completion. Please remember: the responsibility for meeting all degree requirements rests with you.

•    All registration is now done on the Web, through the MyMemphis portal. For instruction on how to register, see https://www.memphis.edu/registrar/students/selfserv/quick.php. This is actually a very easy process. Go to my.memphis.edu, sign in, go to the "Student" tab, scroll down and look for "Add/Drop Classes." As long as you're cleared, you should be able to add classes there.

•    Consult the M.A. Program Overview often to see if you need to submit a form or take some other action at the current stage of your progress. It also contains links to all forms that are necessary to complete your degree. Be sure to pay careful attention to deadlines for forms and exams necessary for graduation. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet all deadlines and requirements. The Graduate School enforces its deadlines strictly, so it will be impossible to graduate on schedule if you miss a deadline.