Advising for the Online History Programs

Undergraduate Advising

Dr Chrystal Goudsouzian, 901.678.5339, 143 Mitchell, is the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator for the Department of History.

If most of your courses are online, you should be advised by the Online Coordinator, Amanda Lee Savage, 901.678.1677, 145 Mitchell.

History majors may fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts degree by completing on-campus courses only, online courses only, or a combination of the two.

Graduate Advising

The Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Andrew Daily, 901.678.2868, 219 Mitchell, advises students admitted into the history graduate program when they first enroll. Although you may eventually choose a thesis advisor and use that person or other faculty members for academic guidance, you should still direct all technical questions about department and university requirements and policies to the Graduate Coordinator. For routine matters, such as forms, applications, deadlines, etc. you should get in touch with the Graduate Secretary, Dr. Erika Feleg, 901.678.1366, 219B3 Mitchell.

As soon as possible, you should get an M.A. planning form (MS Word).

We urge you to consult your faculty advisors,if any, before enrolling for each semester. In any case, you must meet with the Graduate Coordinator at least once a year for advising. Bring an up-to-date planning form to the advising meeting. The responsibility for meeting all degree requirements rests, however, with you.

All registration is now done on the Web through the MyMemphis portal. This is actually a very easy process. Go to my.memphis.edu, sign in, go to the "Student" tab, scroll down and look for "Add/Drop Classes." As long as you're cleared, you should be able to add classes there.

Before you register for the first time, and at least once a year afterwards, you will need to obtain advising clearance from the Graduate Coordinator in order to register. The annual advising meeting is necessary for getting this clearance. If you try to register before getting this clearance, you will get a message that you need a PIN. What you really need is clearance from the Graduate Coordinator. Do not ask anyone else to clear you; only the Director of Graduate Studies can do this.

This manual contains a timetable for the M.A. program. You should consult this often to see if you need to submit a form or take some other action at the current stage of your progress. It also contains links to all forms that are necessary to complete your degree. Please note that especially in the term in which you intend to graduate, deadlines for forms and exams are earlier in the semester than you might think. Again, it is your responsibility to make sure you meet all the deadlines and requirements. The Graduate School enforces its deadlines strictly, so it will be impossible to graduate on schedule if you miss a deadline.