Completed Research 

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Truck Congestion Mitigation through Freight Consolidation in Volatile Multi-item Supply Chains

Vessel Schedule Design and Container Diversion Problem

Robust Liner Shipping Scheduling:  A Game Theoretic Approach

A Collaborative Agreement for Berth Scheduling Under Excessive Demand

Megaships in Marine Transportation: A Critical Literature Review and Extensions

Key Advertising Components and Media Channels for Recruiting Long Haul Drivers, pages 31-44

I-40 Trucking Operations and Safety Analyses And Strategic Planning Initiatives

An Application of Enterprise Risk Management in the Marine Transportation Industry

Compatibility of Freight Transportation and Land Use in Memphis Aerotropolis

Critical Issues Impacting the Freight Transportation Industry in the Southeast Region

Estimating Coastal Maritime Risk Using Geographic Information Systems

Evaluating the Hours-of-Service Rule via GPS/GIS Truck Trip Data

Examining Driver Turnover and Retention in the Trucking Industry

Freight Transportation and Emergency Management: Profiles of Three Stakeholder Groups

GPS/GIS Analysis of Tennessee Truck Trips

Inland Marine Transportation Data Collection Using Automatic Identification Systems

Job Creation Factors for Inland and Near Dock Intermodal Facilities

Labor Impacts of Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) on the Trucking Industry; Supply and Demand Issues for the Future

Memphis Regional Freight Infrastructure Plan

National Scans of Freight Capacity, Safety and Security Issues

Network Analysis of Freight Diversion and Capacity Issues in Tennessee

Occupational Stress in the Lives of Intermodal Truckers in the Memphis Metroplex

Overview of the U.S. Freight Transportation System

Remote Sensing for Post Disaster Management of Freight Transportation Networks

Risk and Scenario Identification

Tennessee Highway Route Risk Assessments

The "Phases" of Emergency Management

The Recovery Phase of Emergency Management

The Role of Information Technology in Causing and Reducing Truck Driver Stress and its Relationship to Turnover

Truck Diversion Routing Using Geographic Information Systems

U.S. Freight Investment Efficiency of Waterways and Highways

Web Resources for Freight Transportation and All-Hazards Risk Management