F-1 Transfer Out

Please click on the button below to start the process to transfer to another U.S. accredited institution:

Transfer Out

To transfer to another U.S. institution, you must first notify your DSO at the International Student Services (ISS) office of your intent to transfer and provide her with the following:

Written confirmation of the acceptance to the new school.
Written request/permission to begin the transfer.
SEVIS school code for the transfer-to school.
Contact information for the new school's DSO.

The iSS office will work with you and the DSO at your new school, to choose a transfer release date. This date is when the DSO at your transfer-in school takes responsibility for your SEVIS record. Several factors go into selecting this date:

Academic needs
Travel and employment plans
Projected start date of your new program

Once your transfer release date arrives, the ISS office will not have access to your SEVIS record, and your new DSO can create a new Form I-20 for you. It is important to get a new Form I-20 (signed by your new DSO and you) as soon as possible. To maintain your status, register for classes and contact your new DSO within 15 days of the program start date listed on your new Form I-20.