I-20 Update

Students may accumulate multiple I-20 forms as they progress through their program of study in the U.S. New I-20s are printed for proof of arrival in the first semester, change of funding, internship approval, and for misplaced or damaged forms.

F-1 students must keep their I-20 current and up-to-date at all times during their studies at the University of Memphis. Changes to your biological information (name or citizenship) must be reported to the ISS Office and you must submit an I-20 Request to obtain an updated I-20. 

Students May Update their Form I-20 for the Following Reasons:

  • Change of Funding
  • Name Correction/Change
  • Lost of damaged original Form I-20

To Update an I-20, please click on the button below:

I-20 Update Forms >


Your re-issued I-20 will be available within 5 business days after the date of submission. You will be notified by e-mail when your form is ready. 

Change of Major: If you have officially changed your major that information will come from Banner and go into SEVIS. There is no need to fill out a form.

Change of Funding: If the source(s) of your financial support has changed (i.e. change in departmental funding, change in scholarship/grants, change in personal or family funds), then you must request an updated I-20. Please obtain new proof of funding, complete the I-20 Request Form, and submit both documents to the ISS Office. Your updated I-20 stating your new source of funding will be ready in 5 business days after the date of submission. 

Name Correction/Change: The last name and first name on your I-20 and URSA must match the last name and first name that is on your passport. If the name on your I-20 and/or on your URSA does not match the name on your passport, please follow the steps below to correct the name inconsistency: 

Step 1: Complete the Name Correction Form and submit the form along with your passport to the Registrar's Office. 

Step 2: Complete the ISS I-20 Request Form: Complete and submit the I-20 Request Form to ISS. Your updated I-20 with your name correction will be ready in 5 business days after the date of submission. 

**Note: If you have changed your name (due to marriage or other reasons) and the name change is reflected on your passport, then you must also complete the steps above to obtain an updated Form I-20 from ISS.