Visitors & Postdocs

Chao LiuChao Liu, Faudree Postdoc
Email: cliu7@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 366
Research Interests: Combinatorial Number Theory, Additive Combinatorics 

Xin MaXin Ma, Postdoc
Email: xma1@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 372 
Research Interests: Groups, Dynamics, Banach spaces and Operator algebras

Jose RodriguesJosé Rodrigues, Postdoc
Email: jhrdrges@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 358
Affiliation: University of Sao Paolo
Research Interests: Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations.


Ben WeinkoveBen Weinkove, Visiting Professor
Email: weinkove@northwestern.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 371
Affiliation: Northwestern University
Research Interests: Differential Geometry, Geometric Flows

Szu Ting Kitty YangSzu Ting Kitty Yang, Postdoc
Email: syang5@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 376
Affiliation: Northwestern University
Research Interests: Ergodic Theory