The Honors Program

Note: students wishing to obtain an honors contract for a math class should see the Honors Contract page.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers an honors program in Mathematics and Statistics for the talented student. To be admitted into the program, an entering freshman must score at least 29 on the Math ACT, and have a high-school GPA of 3.50, although exceptions may be made by the freshman's advisor, based upon an interview at the time of initial registration.

Currently enrolled students may be admitted into the Honors Program upon an interview with the Departmental Honors Director David Grynkiewicz. The basic requirements will be a 3.5 GPA on all MATH courses, an overall GPA of 3.25, and timely progress toward a degree. Such students may be admitted into either

Upon completion of the entry course with a grade of at least B, such students will retroactively receive credit for any previous course(s) in the Honors Sequence. A student may not enroll in MATH 3402 without having previously completed MATH 2422.

The successful candidate will complete the math major program with the following exceptions and additions:

  • In place of MATH 1910, 1920, 2110, and 3242, the Honors student must complete the four-course sequence of Honors Mathematics courses (MATH 1421, 2421, 2422, and 3402), and two semesters of the Mathematics Honors Seminar, MATH 3410 and 3411. Upon successful completion of the courses listed above, the student shall be considered to have completed MATH 3242, and MATH 2120 for prerequisite and graduation purposes.
  • The Honors student must take MATH 4402 - Senior Honors Seminar.
  • Each of MATH 1421, 2421, 2422, 3402, 3410, 3411, 4402 must be completed with at least a grade of B.
  • A GPA of 3.50 in all MATH courses must be maintained.

Upon completion of the program, the successful candidates will be recognized at the commencement ceremony by having their degrees conferred "With Honors in Mathematical Sciences," and their diplomas and records at the University of Memphis will reflect this distinction.