Honors Contracts for Math classes

Note: students who are interested in the honors program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences should see the Honors Program page.

  1. All policies of the Helen Hardin Honors College regarding Honors Con- tracts must be followed. Students should in particular carefully read the Honors Contract Information Sheet and Form issued by the Hardin College.
  2. The process for approving an Honors Contract is also laid out in the Honors Contract Information Sheet issued by the Hardin College.

Additionally, the Mathematical Sciences Department has the following guidelines and requirements, some of which coincide with Honors College requirements:

  1. Honors contracts must be supervised by a faculty member who holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree. Students are asked to please refrain from requesting an honors contract supervised by an instructor without such a degree, or graduate teaching assistant &emdash; the request will not be approved.
  2. Honors contracts must be for courses numbered 2000 or higher, with the following exceptions:
    1. Math 1910 & Math 1920, and only when the corresponding honors sections are full and/or there is an unresolvable conflict for the student. Note that since there are honors sections of these courses available, this will require special dispensation from the Department and the Hardin College.
    2. Math 1530 & Math 1830, only if the student is not a mathematical sciences, chemistry, physics, or engineering major.
    There are no other exceptions, students are asked to please refrain from requesting honors contracts in any other courses numbered less than 2000.
  3. Honors contracts must be for something more than simply "The student will work extra exercises", or "The student will solve the starred (i.e. difficult) problems at the back of each section". Following the guidelines, especially those on page 2, of the Hardin College Honors Contract Information Sheet is paramount. An honors contract will only be approved if it includes some "synthesis" or "larger impact" component.
  4. We remind students and faculty that a student will receive honors credit only if they earn an A or B in the contracted course. For this reason, students and faculty are encouraged to determine in advance, via an honest discussion of the student's interests, past history, and motivation, if such an outcome is expected.