Resources for Transgender and Non-Binary Students

  • Legal Sex Update Form
    • Documentation is required for updating legal sex in the record system.  Required documentation types are listed on the legal sex update form.  
  • Preferred Full Name and Usage
    • No legal documentation is needed to provide a preferred full name. Only a student ID is needed for identification purposes.
    • Please note: Faculty, staff, and students will see your preferred name; choose your preferred name appropriately. No profanity, etc. can be used in the preferred name.
  • Preferred name on the diploma:
    • Preferred name is one of the options that can be selected in the Intent to Graduate online process. A diploma can display preferred name or legal name.
  • Preferred name on student ID cards:
    • Currently under review to have preferred name on front of Student ID card / legal name on back of Student ID card. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Preferred name in eCourseware and class rosters:
    • More information will be forthcoming on the usage of preferred name in eCourseware and in class rosters. Currently under technical systems review.
  • Email display assistance:
    • Students who need assistance with a different email display can put in an IT help desk ticket
  • Transgender Voice Development
    • In addition to working with voice disorders, the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center provides services for people who want to develop a voice consistent with their gender identity. Through adjustments in pitch, resonance, intonation, and even word choice and social mannerisms, this can be accomplished. The Center's Speech Pathology staff provides a caring and safe environment in which to explore the possibilities, develop a course of action, and acquire the voice desired.
  • PFLAG Transgender Resources
    • Resources for trans people and their families
  • Trans Lifeline
  • National Center for Transgender Equality

Transgender Community Flag