Academic Disqualification Support

Academic disqualification occurs when a student fails to meet the standards for academic performance and progress. Students will be academically disqualified from the nursing major when the following occurs:

  1. Failure to earn a minimum grade of “C” or “S” (clinical) when repeating a nursing course.
  2. Failure to earn a “C” or “S” (clinical) in two nursing courses.
  3. Withdrawal from the same nursing course twice.
  4. Professional/academic misconduct or dishonesty (refer to the University of Memphis Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities).
  5. Falsification of any academic/medical/nursing records or misrepresentation of nursing care or credentials.
  6. Clinical practice that places patients in physical or emotional jeopardy after the student is taught otherwise. 7. Failure to adhere to LCON substance abuse policy.

Academically Disqualified Next Steps Support

Academic Advising and Academic Major Exploration Support

Academically disqualified students are encouraged to work closely with the university's academic counseling center (AAC) at aac@memphis.edu to develop a plan for completing their degree at the University of Memphis. The university will assist you in exploring degree programs and options. If you were a student enrolled in LCON's Accelerated BSN program (second degree seeking), we understand that the option of seeking this support from the ACC may not be applicable as you were enrolled for the primary purpose of pursuing your BSN degree.

Course Registration Procedures

In consideration of your recent academic disqualification and to avoid any financial penalties from the university, please be sure to withdraw from any nursing courses that you are currently registered for this academic term immediately. Doing so will prevent you from incurring any charges associated with the coursework prior to the 100% refund period ending. Additionally, please note the late registration deadline for the concurrent academic term following your disqualification. To assist with your registration efforts before as well as after the deadline, please visit this Late Add/Late Registration support process link from the university's Registrar's department that outlines current practices.
  • LCON Reinstatement Policies- Currently readmission is not permitted following academic disqualification. LCON administration and faculty are currently working to develop potential reinstatement and reapplication policies that align with national best practices as well as the long-term strategic goals of the college. When this process is completed, information regarding confirmed procedures will be published in our academic handbooks, website, and shared with recent academically disqualified students via the contact information listed within our Tiger student account systems. Please ensure your student contact information is up to date in Navigate.

  • Academic Status Letters- We completely understand that some students who have been academically disqualified will seek to attend other institutions or nursing programs. It is a common practice for many nursing programs to request verification documentation to validate any previous academic experience during their admissions consideration process. Although we are unable to provide you with a letter of academic good standing from LCON based upon the recent academic disqualification, we are more than willing to support your potential admission efforts by providing an enrollment verification letter that highlights your time of attendance within our program. To request a program enrollment verification letter, please submit the request via the LCON ScrubHub  and a student success team member will follow up with you in a timely manner. Please be sure to indicate in the description box that the letter is needed for verification purposes following academic disqualification.

LCON Academic Points of Contact

LCON Advisors are available to assist students with transitional inquires and indentifying various university resource options suited to your personal needs. 
Alex DeJanett   
Alex DeJarnett
College Academic Advisor II
2502A Community Health Building
Angelica Jacques
Angelica Jacques
Academic Success Advisor
3569 Community Health Building