Academic Advising

Undergraduate students meet with their Academic Advisor each semester to prepare for the next semester's courses, create an academic plan in UMdegree, and discuss challenges associated with being a nursing student. Our advisors are here to help students succeed; however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to make appropriate academic choices and take advantage of all the opportunities and resources LCON has to offer.

The Advising Schedule is as follows:

  • Oct 1 – Nov 15 for Spring Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Apr 15 for Summer Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Jul 15 for Fall Semester Courses

Scheduling Advising Appointments

You can make an advising appointment through the U of M online scheduling system, Navigate. Use the button below to schedule your appointment or download the Navigate Student mobile app.

Schedule an appointment >


How do I make an appointment with an advisor? What if Navigate isn't working?

Carefully follow the instructions above for online booking. If you are still having problems with Navigate, call LCON reception at 901-678-2003 for assistance.

I tried to register and it says I need an alternate PIN from my advisor. What does this mean?

This is an advising hold. It means you have not met with your advisor to discuss your class schedule for the upcoming semester. Schedule an advising appointment (see above for instructions), and the hold will be cleared after your appointment. If you have already met with your advisor and the alternate PIN message still appears, contact your advisor as soon as possible so that the hold can be removed.

Can I take classes in the Summer Semester? How do I submit my request for Summer school?

Students should email an advisor if they are interested in enrolling in Summer courses. Generally, students are required to enroll in a full semester of classes in the summer term, and a limited number of seats are available. Approval for Summer courses is based on GPA and seat availability.

Can I receive registration permits if my nursing data needs to be updated?

No. All required nursing data must be current to receive course permits for the upcoming semester. Students must be clear through April for the Spring term, August for the Summer term, and November for the Fall term. Updated nursing data documents can be emailed to bsn@memphis.edu. For information regarding your required nursing data, click here or contact the BSN Academic Services Coordinator at bsn@memphis.edu.

I haven't received my registration permits, but my friend has. How can I get my permits?

In order to receive your permits, make sure that all your required nursing data is current (see above). Registration permits are not all issued at the same time, so be patient, and don't worry, you are guaranteed a spot in your nursing courses!

What are my responsibilities?

  • Know the Academic Advisors' names and where they are located.
  • Consult with an Academic Advisor if problems arise.
  • Make sure that your health requirements are current.
  • Schedule appointments early and keep current on academic requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Accept responsibility for academic choices.