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 The Department of Philosophy at the University of Memphis aims to introduce the history and practice of philosophy to Memphis children, particularly those who are socio-economically disadvantaged and to those schools that are the least likely to have the resources to implement Philosophy for Children (P4C) into their curriculum.



 Why Philosophy? Philosophy deals with fundamental issues regarding the nature of human beings and the meaning of life. Philosophical training involves the development of critical thinking and analytic skills. These skills allow one to formulate positions clearly, with precision and depth, and to critically reflect on the positions offered by others. Philosophy teaches one to think and write well and, to the extent that it does, it prepares students for any career or discipline they might choose to pursue. Introducing Philosophy to children in Memphis will have the effect of enriching Philosophical discourse and Philosophical practice. By bringing Philosophy to children, we hope to bring new voices to Philosophy and to the Humanities in general.



 Philosophical Horizons has affinities with a movement in Philosophy called Philosophy for Children (P4C). This movement began in the 1960s and has resulted in the implementation of Philosophy into pre-college curricula across the United States and world-wide.


Partner Schools

University of Memphis Campus Elementary School

Memphis Rox

Leadership Preparatory Middle School

Past participants include: Booker T. Washington High School, G.W. Carver High School, Hickory Ridge Middle School, University of Memphis Barbara K Lipman Pre-School, Westside Middle School, and Sheffield High School