Phenomenology - Philosophy of Mind - Cognitive Science

Faculty and students in the Department of Philosophy are engaged in ongoing philosophical and interdisciplinary research at the intersection of phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and cognitive science. (See Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate for further details.)


Shaun Gallagher (phenomenology, embodied cognition, social cognition)
David Gray (philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive psychology)
Thomas Nenon (phenomenology)
Deborah Tollefsen (philosophy of mind, collective intentionality and agency)

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Agency and anxiety (Gallagher, Trigg)
  • Collective intentionality (Tollefsen, Friedlaender)
  • Material engagement theory (Gallagher, Ransom)
  • Music cognition (Ryan)
  • Narratives in collective agency (Gallagher, Tollefsen)
  • Neurophenomenology of awe and wonder (Gallagher)
  • Philosophy of psychiatry, psychology and psychopathology (Gallagher, Gray, Varga)
  • Social cognition (Gallagher)

Recent and Upcoming Seminars

  • Cognitive Science Graduate Seminar: Distributed and Collective Cognition (Spring 2017)
  • Embodied Cognition (Fall 2016)
  • Merleau-Ponty (2015)
  • Self and Self-Consciousness (2014)
  • Philosophy of Psychiatry (2013)
  • Intersubjectivity (2013)
  • Merleau-Ponty (2015)
  • Self and self-consciousnes (2014)
  • Intersubjectivity (2013)

Academic Visitors

Lectures: 2016-17
Anthony Chemero (University of Cincinati, September 2016)
Dan Hutto (University of Wollongong, October 2016)
Lauren Freeman (University of Louiville, November 2016)
Claudio Paolucci (University of Bologna, October 2016)
Georg Theiner (Villanova University, January 2017)
Rick Dale (UC-Merced, February 2017)
Susan Goldin-Meadow (University of Chicago February 2017 [tentative])
Julian Kiverstein (University of Amsterdam, February 2017)
Robb Lindgren (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, March 2017)
Lambros Malafouris (University of Oxford, March 2017)
Elizabeth Pacherie (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, March 2017)
Stephen Fiore (University of Central Florida, April 2017)

PhD Students: 2016-17
Marta Caravà (University of Bologna, Fall 2016)
Mark-Oliver Casper (Berlin/Bildakt and Ruhr University-Bochum, Fall 2016)
Sabrina Coninx (Ruhr University-Bochum, Germany, Fall 2016)

Lectures: 2013-16
Helen Steward (Leeds University)
Michael Kirchoff (Wollongong)
James Morley (Ramapo, NJ)
David Morris (Concordia, Montreal)
Dorothée Legrand (Husserl Archives, Paris)
Gry Ardal Printzlau (University of Copenhagen)
Beata Stawarska (University of Oregon)
Marek Pokropski (University of Warsaw)
Tetsuyo Kono (Tokyo)

PhD Students: 2013-16
Susana Ramiriz (University of Cuervenaca, Mexico)
Kristian Moltke Martiny (University of Copenhagen)
Zuzanna Rucinska (University of Hertfordshire)
Simona Agnello (University of Palermo)
Miguel Angel (Cognitive Science, UNAM, Mexico)
Katsunori Miyahari (Tokyo)