European/Continental Philosophy

Faculty and students in the Department of Philosophy are engaged in ongoing philosophical research in the area of European continental philosophy, broadly construed.


James Bahoh (Phenomenology, Ontology, German and French philosophy (Kant to present), Heidegger, Deleuze, German Idealism)
Shaun Gallagher (phenomenology, hermeneutics, Merleau-Ponty)
Mary Beth Mader (contemporary Continental philosophy, especially Deleuze, Foucault)
Thomas Nenon (Kant and German Idealism, phenomenology, especially Husserl, Heidegger)
Kas Sagafi (Continental philosophy, especially Derrida)
Daniel Smith (Kant, German Idealism, Schelling, 20th-century continental philosophy, modern philosophy)

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Genealogies of Terrorism (Erlenbusch-Anderson)
  • Foucault and Philosophical Methodology (Erlenbusch-Anderson)
  • Enactive Hermeneutics (Gallagher)
  • Recognition in Honneth and contemporary critical theory (Gallagher, Varga)
  • Deleuze, Foucault and ontology of the life sciences (Mader)
  • Theories of Subjectivity and Personhood, Moral and Legal Responsibility (Nenon)
  • Authenticity (Varga)

Recent and Upcoming Seminars

  • Heidegger's Being and Time (Bahoh)
  • Deleuze's Metaphysics (Mader)
  • Husserl (Nenon)
  • Heidegger (Nenon)
  • Hegel's Philosophy of Right (Nenon)
  • Merleau-Ponty (Gallagher and Trigg)
  • Hermeneutics (Gallagher)
  • Foucault and Medical Sciences (Mader)
  • Foucault's The Archaeology of Knowledge (Mader)

Academic Visitors: 2014-17

Lauren Freeman (University of Louisville), November 2016
Bruce Janz (University of Central Florida) April 2016
Drew Leder (Loyola, Maryland) April 2015
Dorothée Legrand, (Ecole Normale Sup) April 2015
Dermot Moran (UCD, Dublin). April 2016
James Morley (Ramapo State University of New Jersey), November 2015
David Morris (Concordia, Montreal), October 2015
Erik Rietveld (Amsterdam) April 2016
Louis Sass (Rutgers) April 2015
Beata Stawarska (University of Oregon), March 2014

PhD Students and Post-Docs
Dylan Trigg (UCD, Dublin). Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Memphis (2014-16)
Marek Pokropski (Warsaw) Fall 2014
Katsunori Miyahari (Tokyo) Fall 2014
Kristian Moltke Martiny (Copenhagen) Fall 2014
Gry Ardal Printzlau (Copenhagen) Spring 2014