Contact Minutes

A course requires 750 contact minutes for each credit hour. To determine the minimum number of contact minutes required for a course multiply 750 by the credit hour value. Thus:

  • 1-hour courses require a minimum of 750 contact minutes.
  • 2-hour courses require a minimum of 1500 contact minutes.
  • 3-hour courses require a minimum of 2250 contact minutes, and so on.

For lecture courses that also have a lab, 2 lab hours to equal 1 lecture hour.

Determining Minimum Requirements

To determine if a course offering meets the minimum contact minutes requirement:

  1. Count the number of days the course meets during the part of term (POT). Refer to the appropriate Dates and Deadlines calendar to determine the first and last class meetings for the course as well as semester breaks and holidays.

    Note: For the Full POT, do not count the exam period.

  2. Multiply (#Mtngs) x (Min per Mtng). If the product is less than the required minimum contact minutes value for the course (multiple of 750), then you must add minutes to meet the minimum.

    For example, a 3-hour course should meet for a minimum of 2250 minutes. If a MWF class meets 50 minutes, 45 days during the term, it's OK. But if it meets fewer than 45 times, then minutes must be added to reach 2250.

    If you must add minutes, be sure not to overlap another class meeting time and create a time conflict for students.