Forms: Students

These forms allow you (students) to request changes to your academic program or class schedule and to control the release of your personal records.

If you are looking for transcript request information, please visit Transcripts. If you are looking for how to amend your personal information, please visit Changing Personal Data

Academic Renewal Application

See the Academic Renewal policy for more information.

Accelerated Bachelors/Master's Program

If you are participating in the Accelerated Bachelors/Master's Program, submit this form prior to registering for Graduate level courses. 

Audit - Request for Permission to Audit Class

Use this form to request permission to audit a course.

Consent to Release Your Education Record

  • DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. (See Official Transcript for information on requesting an official transcript.)
  • Use this form to authorize the release of your education record (ex., grades) to another person (ex., a parent or guardian) other than the University of Memphis and its employees.
  • See Student Consent to Release Education Records for instructions and related information.

Credit by Examination - Graduate & Undergraduate

Apply online using the link above. For more information visit Credit by Exam.

Crosstown Registration

Use this form to enroll in select UofM courses through the Crosstown Enrollment Program. Information about the program accompanies the form. Submit the form to crosstown@memphis.edu

Excess Transcripts Request - Off-Campus Payment Form

  • Use this form when mailing an off-campus request for more than 20 transcripts. You will be charged $5.00 for each transcript over 20 copies. Use this form to make your payment.
  • Do not use this form if you intend to make your request at the Registrar's Office (003 Wilder Tower). A different payment form is available for you there.

FERPA Form for non-Student System Users

  • Use this form if you are a student and must view or access student data to perform your University duties (ex., duties expected of a student worker or research assistant).
  • Complete the form, obtain all required signatures, and submit the original to the Registrar's Office, 003 Wilder Tower. Retain a copy of the completed form in your department's files.

FERPA Student Researcher Agreement

  • Use this form if you are a student who is requesting access to confidential student records in order to conduct a University-approved research project.
  • The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must sanction your project and the use of the data involved. Submit the completed agreement to Curriculum and Assessment, 217 Administration Building.

Full-Time, Online Only Student Immunization Exemption Request

  • Use this form if you are a full-time, online-only student who wants to be exempted from MMR and Varicella (chicken pox) immunization requirements.
  • Refer to the Student Health Center's website for immunization information.

Late Add Request

Follow the process outlined on the Late Add/Late Registration page to request to add or register after web registration has closed. 

Late or Retroactive Withdrawal

A late withdrawal should be requested through the college of the student’s major. A retroactive withdrawal will require a withdrawal petition. See the Late and Retroactive Withdrawal policy for more information.

Letter of Recommendation

Use this form to request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Official Transcript - Off-Campus Request for Official Transcript

  • Use this form to mail your request for an OFFICIAL transcript from the UofM.
  • Do not use this form if you intend to make your request at the Registrar's Office (003 Wilder Tower). A different form is available for you there.
  • Do not fax this form or scan it and attach it to an email. We do not accept faxed or scanned requests.
  • See Official Transcript.

Request for Student's Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification (UofM W-9S)

  • Use this form to submit your social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) to the UofM so that the University can file a 1098-T (Tuition Statement) form with the IRS and furnish such a statement to you.
  • Deliver or mail the completed form to Registrar's Office or the Finance Office, or FAX it to 901-678-2772. (See Part III of the form for address and FAX information.) *DO NOT EMAIL THE FORM.*

Remove Restriction of Directory Information

  • Use this form if you have previously elected to restrict your directory information and now would like to remove that restriction.
  • See Release of Student Education Records for instructions and related information.

Restrict the Release of Directory Information

  • Use this form to prevent your Directory Information from being published in the Campus Directory.
  • Check all "acknowledgment" statements. Sign the form. See Release of Student Education Records (What Is Directory Information?) for instructions and related information.