Course Syllabus for Look Up Classes

By clicking on a course's CRN in Look Up Classes, students can view detailed information about the course section--the catalog description, prerequisites, corequisites, textbook information, and—if you provide it—a brief course syllabus. You are encouraged to provide this information: students find it helpful and it is easy to provide.

Login to myMemphis and go to your Faculty page (select in the menu bar at the top of the screen).

Click the syllabus icon in your Faculty Dashboard portlet.

The syllabus entry screen appears:

Course Syllabus Entry page

Five data fields appear under Syllabus Data, but you should not enter anything in the first field:

Long Section Title

  • Leave blank. This field can be buggy and produce skewed results, so do not enter anything. Since the students already know the course title, the information is superfluous.

Course URL

  • Optional. However, providing a URL will allow students to view a more detailed course syllabus on another site if you so choose.

Learning Objectives

  • Required. Keep this brief.

Required Materials

  • Required. List textbooks and other required materials.

Technical Requirements

  • Optional.