Schedule Production / Term Planning

Below are the major tools that academic departments need to plan and refine their semester course offerings.

Scheduling Reference Guide

The Scheduling Reference Guide provides you with a checklist of instructions for reviewing your department's course offerings as listed in the Schedule Proof.

Schedule Proofs

Schedule proofs, available in ePrint, allow you to view versions of your department's proposed course offerings.

Contact Minutes

Courses are required to meet a minimum number of contact minutes based on their credit hour values. Instructors teaching sections that fall short of minimum contact minutes should supplement course meeting requirements to ensure that the minimum is reached. Refer to the Contact Minutes page for information on determining minimum contact minutes.

Standard Class Meeting Patterns Charts

These charts allow you to determine if a class adheres to a standard meeting pattern or if it follows a non-standard pattern and, thus, requires approval (Non-Standard Course Offering Request):

Fall/Spring   |   Summer

Permits Issued and Section Management Reports

Go to Faculty Self Service and Online Aids for selections.

Schedule Archive

The Schedule Archive contains links to prior Class Listings. All listings are pdf documents, and each documents contains all courses offered in that term regardless of part of term.

General Purpose Rooms (GP) and Departmentally Controlled Rooms (DC)

General purpose rooms (GP) are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and may be scheduled for use by any department. Though the GP classroom may be located in a building that houses a particular department, the department does not have priority to schedule in GP rooms.

Departmentally controlled (DC) rooms are managed by a department and other departments who wish to use DC space must ask permission from the department before scheduling a class.

If a department would like to change the classification of a space (from GP to DC), they must submit a Request for Space Change form in accordance with the Space Change policy. Space Planning will then audit the request and submit the recommendations to the Provost Office for a final decision. More information about Space Planning is located at https://www.memphis.edu/space/.