Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

BA Social Work Mission

The baccalaureate social work program prepares students with the knowledge, values, and skills needed to work toward social and economic justice and human rights with diverse populations. Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Work will utilize evidence-based generalist-level practices to enhance quality of life for all persons and communities. Graduates of the BA in Social Work are prepared to practice locally in the Mid-South and globally.

Goal Statement

Provide a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue social work education at the graduate level. Social service and life experiences may not be substituted for any social work course. The social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Program Objectives

• Apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice
• Understand the value base of the profession and its ethical standards and principles
• Practice without discrimination to needs of diverse clientele
• Apply strategies of advocacy and social change that advance social and economic justice


Are You Interested in a Career in Child Welfare?   

DCS Tuition Assistance Program

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) offers a Tuition Assistance Program for undergraduate social work students interested in the field of child welfare. Eligible students can receive 3-4 semesters of tuition and stipend assistance from DCS in exchange for the student's agreement to work for DCS for 18-24 months after graduation. Students can apply when they have 3-4 semesters remaining in their program of study (as of Fall 2018). Students will be required to take SWRK 4934 (Child Welfare Policy/Services) and SWRK 4935 (Child Welfare II). In addition, they must complete their field placement with DCS. DCS is accepting applications for admission to the program for students who would be eligible to join the program in Fall 2018. The application deadline for Fall 2018 is June 15, 2018. Students interested in learning more about the DCS Tuition Assistance Program can contact Kelley Bell at Kelley.bell@tn.gov or at (615) 532-4063. All applications must be submitted directly to DCS no later than June 15. If interested, please complete the forms that are available here.

Lambuth Social Work Society: Organization for University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Students

The School of Social Work is happy to announce that through the efforts of our engaged students, the UofM Lambuth Campus is now home to the Lambuth Social Work Society! Social work majors and interested students are welcomed to join. Please visit the Society website or facebook page to get involved.

Contact Information

The social work office is located in 226 McCord Hall. The general contact information for administrators of the program is as follows:

School Chair Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD (901) 678-3438 snlybrns@memphis.edu
Program Coordinator Jerry Watson, PhD (901) 678-3910 jwtson28@memphis.edu
Field Director Kenya Anderson (901) 678-3400 kconley@memphis.edu
Academic Advisor Danielle Seemann   dswatson@memphis.edu
Social Work Main Office   (901) 678-2616