Department Aide Role


The Department Aide role gives departments more local control over Canvas, the UofM learning management system. Department Aides are granted access to all the courses within their department and support their department by managing and creating master and special, non-semester Canvas courses, helping faculty share course content, managing department special enrollments, and sharing Canvas training resources with their instructors.

There are significant permissions of the Department Aide role in Canvas. Individuals with access to this account should understand the appropriate use of the authority. FERPA mandates that users should guard all forms of student course information from any misuse. Additionally, serious technical issues can arise if Department Aides override information fed from UofM's information system, Banner. Banner controls the creation and population of all for-credit courses taught through the university. 

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The following are requirements for each person appointed to be Department Aide.

  1. Obtain Department Chair/Dean Appointment — A Department Chair or Dean may request that they or an appointee be given Department Aide access. UM3D will grant access to the appointee once a Department Aide request has been submitted by the Chair or Dean. DAs can only be appointed by a Chair or Dean.
  2. Complete Department Aide Orientation — Once appointed, UM3D will invite the new DA to schedule a Department Aide orientation consultation to become familiar with their new role and responsibilities. While serving in this role, DAs will be given access to special training and resources throughout the academic year.

Additional Information

For any additional questions, please contact UM3D or please submit an online service request.

Department aides assist their departments by:

    1. Managing department Canvas courses 
      • Creating master and special, non-semester courses 
      • Helping faculty share course content
      • Trouble shooting Canvas courses
    2. Managing department Canvas special enrollments
      • Submitting enrollment requests for faculty and students in master and special courses
      • Impersonating specific users to troubleshoot course issues
    3. Sharing helpful resources with faculty, staff, and students including:
    4. Staying current with all things Canvas
      • Attending/promoting UM3D events as appropriate
      • Checking the on demand Canvas DA Course for Canvas updates and DA information

Department Aides List

Below is our full listing of individuals with Department Aide access organized by department. You can check to see if your department is served by one of these specially trained individuals and contact them directly for help with your Canvas course.

Name/Email Address/Department

Philip Babin - pbabin@memphis.edu – Accountancy 
Jeffrey Mark Nevels - jmnevels@memphis.edu – Accountancy 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu – Accountancy

Keri Brondo - kbrondo@memphis.edu – Anthropology 
John Marshall Gilmore - jmgilmor@memphis.edu – Anthropology

Ballam Anne - alballam@memphis.edu– Architecture
Barker Jennifer - jlbrker1@memphis.edu – Architecture

Biological Sciences 
David A Freeman - dfreemn1@memphis.edu - Biological Sciences

Business Administration 
Laura L Alderson - laldersn@memphis.edu - Business Administration 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu - Business Administration 

Business Info and Technology 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu - Business Info and Technology
Scott Vann - swvann@memphis.edu- Business Info and Technology

CCH School of Law
Cheryl Edwards - cedwrds2@memphis.edu - CCH School of Law 
Jodi Wilson - jlwlson2@memphis.edu - CCH School of Law 

Nate DeYonker - ndyonker@memphis.edu – Chemistry 
Jermaine Johnson - jjhnsn26@memphis.edu – Chemistry
Yongmei Wang - ywang@memphis.edu – Chemistry;
Bretta King - bfking1@memphis.edu  Chemistry

Coll of Prof & Liberal Studies 
Mary Ewart - mewart@memphis.edu - Coll of Prof & Liberal Studies 
Barbara Fitzgerald - B.Fitzgerald@memphis.edu - Coll of Prof & Liberal Studies 
Joanne Gikas - jgikas@memphis.edu - Coll of Prof & Liberal  Studies
Danesha Winfrey - dnwnfrey@memphis.edu Coll of Prof & Liberal Studies
Dorthy Hale - dmhale@memphis.edu - Coll of Prof & Liberal  Studies
Lorraine Ann Meiners-Lovel - lmnrslvl@memphis.edu - Coll of Prof & Liberal Studies 

College of Health Sciences 
Nicco R Bray - nbolden@memphis.edu - College of Health Sciences 
Michelle B Stockton - mstocktn@memphis.edu - College of Health Sciences 
Debra Howard Wyatt - dlhowrd1@memphis.edu - College of Health Sciences 

Comm Sciences and Disorders 
Frances Wright Breland - fwright2@memphis.edu - Comm Sciences and Disorders 

Cicely T Wilson - ctwilsn1@memphis.edu – Communication
Alexander Morales  - wmrales@memphis.edu – Communication 
Lori Stallings - lstllngs@memphis.edu - Communication

Continuing Education
Tara Hunter - tmhill@memphis.edu – Continuing Education

Criminology and Crim Justice
Bert Burraston - bbrrston@memphis.edu - Criminology and Crim Justice
Jennie Sipe - jjoyner@memphis.edu - Criminology and Crim Justice 

Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu – Economics 

Ronald Fuentes - rfuentes@memphis.edu – English 
Emily Gillo - epsmith2@memphis.edu – English
Terrence Theodore Tucker - tttucker@memphis.edu – English 

Finance Ins and Real Estate 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu - Finance Ins and Real Estate 
Mark Sunderman - msndrman@memphis.edu - Finance Ins and Real Estate 

Rosa Erika Feleg - refeleg@memphis.edu – History
Sarah Potter - spotter1@memphis.edu – History 
Amanda Lee Keikialoha Savage - aksavage@memphis.edu – History 
Daniel L Unowsky - dunowsky@memphis.edu – History 

Independent Programs 
G L Guy - gguy@memphis.edu - Independent Programs
Karen Thurmond - kthurmnd@memphis.edu - Independent Programs 
Beverly McPail - bmcphail@memphis.edu - Independent Programs
Vanessa Brocks - vbrocks@memphis.edu - Independent Programs

Instruction and Curr Ldrship 
Debra Nichols - dnichls1@memphis.edu - Instruction and Curr Ldrship 
Shelby Lynn Tate - state1@memphis.edu - Instruction and Curr Ldrship 

Interdisciplinary Programs
Kevin Curtis Taylor - kctylor3@memphis.edu - Interdisciplinary Programs 
Chrystal Goudsouzian - cdykes@memphis.edu - Interdisciplinary Programs 

Journalism & Strategic Media 
Morgan D Arant - darant@memphis.edu - Journalism & Strategic Media 
Teri Denise Hayslett - tdhysltt@memphis.edu - Journalism & Strategic Media 
Kim S Marks - ksmarks@memphis.edu - Journalism & Strategic Media 

Loewenberg College of Nursing 
Jill Dapremont - jdaprmnt@memphis.edu - Lowenberg College of Nursing
Brenda Fortney - bfortney@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing
M Danielle Gunter - mgunter@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing 
Bradley Harrell - bharrell@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing 
Joy Hoffman - jehoffmn@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing
Kendra Johnson - kjhnsn74@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing 
Cynthia Lindsey - clevans3@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing
Leila Bryce Schroeder - kbryce@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing                                                                                                                                                                          Debra kelly - dlkelly4@memphis.edu - Loewenberg College of Nursing

Laura L Alderson - laldersn@memphis.edu – Management 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu – Management 

Marketing and Supply Chain Mgt
Laura L Alderson - laldersn@memphis.edu - Marketing and Supply Chain Mgt 
Jordan Red - jred@memphis.edu - Marketing and Supply Chain Mgt 

Mathematical Sciences 
Scotty Glen Houston - sghoustn@memphis.edu - Mathematical Sciences

Remy A Debes - rdebes@memphis.edu – Philosophy
Kevin Curtis Taylor - kctylor3@memphis.edu – Philosophy

Political Science
Molly Bee Henderson - mbhndrsn@memphis.edu - Political Science

Helen Sable - hjsable@memphis.edu – Psychology

Regents On Line Degree Program
Joanne Gikas - jgikas@memphis.edu - Regents On Line Degree Program

School of Public Health

Debra Bartelli - dbtellli@memphise.edu - School of Public Health
Emma Draluck - kdraluck@memphis.edu - School of Public Health

School of Social Work
Maggie Landry - malandry@memphis.edu - School of Social Work
Chau Thi Thanh Le - ctle@memphis.edu - School of Social Work 
Susan Neely-Barnes - snlybrns@memphis.edu - School of Social Work
Valerie Lynn Wince - vwince@memphis.edu - School of Social Work

Kendra L Murphy - khmrphy1@memphis.edu – Sociology
Gretchen Peterson - gpterson@memphis.edu – Sociology

Student Success Programs
Melvyn D Harding - mharding@memphis.edu - Student Success Programs

Surg Tech
Janine Elizabeth Scott - jescott@memphis.edu - Surg Tech

Wilson School of Hospitality
Timothy Flohr - tflohr1@memphis.edu - Wilson School of Hospitality
Deborah Thompson - djthmps4@memphis.edu - Wilson School of Hospitality

World Languages & Literatures 
Adoracion Vargas Berry - aberry@memphis.edu - World Languages & Literatures