Canvas - Banner Grade Exchange

The Banner Grade Exchange tool provides the ability to transfer midterm and final grades from Canvas to Banner. This tool is only available for instructors within Canvas and will be available only during scheduled grading periods. To learn more about grading periods, visit the Registrar's office term schedule.

Please note: This tool is not required to transfer grades from Canvas to (myMemphis) Banner and grades can still be entered manually in (myMemphis) Banner.

Items to complete before transferring grades from Canvas to Banner:

Total Grades Colum: Instructors must know how to use the Canvas gradebook, and all grades must be up to date and completed within the total grades column. Please reach out to UM3D if you have any questions about your gradebook.


Grade Scheme: A Grading Scheme is recommended to transfer grades successfully to Banner. This needs to be set up and enabled in the Canvas settings. If the grading scheme is not set up within Canvas, you must manually input the grades. A grading scheme must be set per each class/section.

How to Enable a Grade Scheme in Canvas:

  1. Enter your Canvas course and click the Settings link on the lower left side of the Couse Navigation.
Screenshot of Canvas Navigation


2. Scroll down and locate Enable course grading scheme, select the checkbox to enable the feature.

Enable Grade Scheme


3. To view a grading scheme, click the Grading Scheme drop-down menu and select Banner Grade Exchange - Grade Scheme Image of selecting the Grade Scheme


4. Once it's selected scroll down and click the Update Course Details button to save the grade scheme.

Canvas Settings update course details screenshot

This will enable the default grade scheme to use the banner grade exchange tool.If you would like to create a different grade scheme for your course please follow these instructionsNote: D- is not available in the myMemphis(Banner) grading system, please make sure to remove this from the grade scheme if you create your own.

Transferring Grades from Canvas to Banner:

  1. Click on the "Banner Grade Exchange" link from the course navigation menu.

  2. Wait for the students to load (this may take a minute or two for large courses).

  3. Once the students have loaded, choose your grading options:

    • Select "Midterm grading" if you're submitting midterm grades or "Final grading" if you're submitting final grades. (Note: Registrar deadlines still apply).

    • The grading scheme selected will automatically pre-fill your grades. If you did not set a grading schema, you will need to enter the grades manually.

  4. After entering/reviewing all your grades, click “Submit” to pass the grades to Banner.

  5. If Banner successfully receives the grades, the column “Submitted” will show a check mark for all students.


For I – incomplete grades, you enter the “I” grade and you do not have to enter the “Last Attended Date”. After the grades have been entered, you must click submit.

Grade Submission Results/Errors:

Submission Result Meaning Action to Take
Successful submission(s) Grades were successfully sent to Banner None
Registration not found for section and student not found. Check if section registration was generated correctly. Student has inactive or withdrawn from the course, no grade submitted. None
The gradebook is only available to the teachers of the course. Current user is not recorded as the instructor of record Instructor of record must submit grades.
Instructor is not assigned to section or instructor is not the primary grader Only instructor of record can submit grade for student. No grade was submitted. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact your department or the Registrar’s Office.
default.gradeIsNotUpdatableByWeb Banner grading portal not enabled (open) Please contact the Registrar’s Office.
There are students with unsubmitted grades Some students were not graded for this submission Add grade for students who have not been graded and re-submit

Additional Resources:

Explore our video tutorials on using Banner Grade Exchange in Canvas or visit our YouTube page:

If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket or email us at um3d@memphis.edu.