SLM Careers

The fundamental purpose of all student internships supported by Sport & Leisure Management at The University of Memphis is to provide students with growth and development opportunities in a field-based setting under the direct supervision of a qualified professional that necessitate application of knowledge and competencies acquired during course work, and demanded in their chosen professional field. Upon completion of required internships, students should be able to make the transition from student to professional and function at an optimal level of competence in their professional career. 

A degree in Sport and Leisure Management provide the foundation for students to pursue a variety of career options as illustrated by the examples below.

Arena Operations Manager

In the Sport and Leisure Management program, you will learn the skills necessary to pursue a career in arena operations management. An arena operations manager works alongside the facility director by directing personnel, facility scheduling, maintenance, and game management.

School Athletic Director/League Director

Supervising a school athletic program or youth league includes responsibilities such as hiring, supervising, and evaluating coaches; determining departmental/league budgets; determining and verifying game scheduling and athlete eligibility. A degree in Sport and Leisure Management can prepare you for this career.

Sport Sponsorship Manager

With a degree in Sports and Leisure Management, you can pursue a career in the fast paced world of Sport Sponsorship Management. This career puts you in contact with the "movers and shakers" of the biggest brands and rights holders in the country.

Ticket Sales Manager

Ticket sales are a huge revenue generator for most major organizations and teams. By pursuing a career as a ticket sales manager, you would take on the responsibilities of designing the ticket plan, setting the ticket prices, coordinating all ticket sales operation and be responsible for generating revenue and customer service. A degree in Sport and Leisure Management can prepare you for this career.

Sports Information Director

A degree in Sports and Leisure Management provides you with the skills necessary to pursue a career as a sports information director. As a Sports Information Director, you will be intimately involved with the most exciting features of the university sports programs.

Athletic Compliance Director

With a career in compliance you will ensure the university is in full compliance with NCAA legislation, monitor the recruiting process and the initial eligibility of athletes being recruited, monitor athletes' eligibility and satisfactory progress towards their degree, assist with the development of a comprehensive compliance program including rules, education for student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

Marketing Director

With a degree in Sport and Leisure Management, you can pursue a career as a marketing director. Marketing directors are responsible for variety of tasks that help the organization accomplish its mission, including promoting various sport products, generating fan support, and identifying potential corporate sponsors.

Life Skills/Academic Services Coordinator

Are you interested in helping student athletes excel off the field? A career in Life Skills enables you to help student athletes prepare for life outside of athletics. Get them on the right path to succeed during and beyond their collegiate career.

Event Director

Ever wonder how things operate so smoothly at different venues? It's because there's an event director present at the facility. Event directors are the point of contact during the games or shows and they supervise a full staff of ushers, police officers, emergency medical technicians, and more to help consumers enjoy their experience.

Group Ticket Salesperson

Group salespeople are responsible for selling large blocks of tickets to charity organizations, corporations, schools, and other parties. This entry-level position is great if you want to get your foot in the door in the sports industry.