Senior Capstone Experience

So you want to work in sports?

The business of sport is incredibly alluring, but extremely competitive. Among the most valuable facets of the Sport and Leisure Management program is its connection with the sport industry locally in the 901 and across the country. These ties impact the students in numerous ways, most notably with experiential learning and their Senior Capstone Experience. As a part of their degree requirements, Sport Management students are required to complete a 12-credit Capstone providing an opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience in the sports industry before graduation.

The Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of one's academic experience as a Sport and Leisure Management student at the University of Memphis. The planning process begins as soon as the student begins the program as a freshman and concludes with a full-semester experience with a specific sport entity.

The Senior Capstone Experience requires the student to work with a sport-related organization for a minimum of 400 hours over the course of one semester, gaining experience in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, event management, administration, communication, law, youth sport, community sport, and more. The student will gain valuable hands-on experience in a variety of areas under the supervision of qualified sport industry practitioners and executives.

The Senior Capstone Experience process begins as soon as you are declared a Sport and Leisure Management student and continues through the completion of your Senior Capstone Experience and your final presentation. An outline of the preliminary process is as follows:

Senior Capstone Experience Eligibility:

  • Complete all core courses as outlined on the Progress Checklist in the Senior Capstone Experience Handbook
  • Attain senior academic standing by completing a minimum of 90 credit hours toward graduation
  • Have no more than 18 credits remaining before graduation (excluding the 12 Senior Capstone Experience credits)
  • Complete SLS 4605 during one of the final two semesters
  • It is encouraged and recommended that you complete at least 2 internships/experiential opportunities outside of classroom prior to the Senior Capstone Experience

Freshman Year:

  • Attend a Senior Capstone Experience Presentation (recommended)
  • Develop a resume and cover letter
  • Develop your personal portfolio
  • Explore interest and general internship sites
  • Network with University of Memphis alumni in the sport industry
  • Obtain a summer internship or volunteer at sport events

Sophomore Year:

  • Complete SLS 2105 – Foundations of Sport and Leisure Management
  • Update your resume, your cover letter, and enhance your program portfolio
  • Expand interests and participate in sport- or leisure-related internships on campus or in the Memphis community during the academic year
  • Obtain a summer internship or volunteer at sports events

Junior Year:

  • Attend a Senior Capstone Experience Information Session
  • Meet with the Senior Capstone Experience Coordinator
  • Enhance your personal portfolio
  • Work as an intern on-campus or in the Memphis community during the academic year
  • Obtain a summer internship or volunteer at sport events
  • Attend career services drop-in hours for resume and sample cover letter review, have Career Services complete Career Services SLS Verification Form
  • Submit Pre-Senior Capstone Experience Application Packet by April 1


  • Research, find, and obtain a Senior Capstone Experience that matches your career goals. 
  • Attend a mandatory Senior Capstone Experience meeting. Senior Capstone Experience procedures, requirements, logistics, and other miscellaneous details will be discussed. Failure to attend a mandatory Senior Capstone Experience meeting will jeopardize your eligibility for Senior Capstone Experience enrollment.
  • Request a Confirmation Letter from your Site Supervisor on company letterhead. The letter must specify the Senior Capstone Experience offer, start and end dates, approximate start and end times each day, a position description, general responsibilities and contact information for your Site Supervisor. This letter can be emailed to Senior Capstone Experience Coordinator. This letter must be received prior to beginning your Senior Capstone Experience.
  • Review and sign the Senior Capstone Experience Learning Agreement form. 
  • Submit each of the following Senior Capstone Experience forms via email to Senior Capstone Experience Coordinator. Each form must be complete and can be returned electronically (see website for forms):
    • Confirmation Letter from the organization on organization letterhead
    • Senior Capstone Experience Learning Agreements
    • Student Information form
    • Draft SMART Goals

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, and the forms have been approved you will be given permission for SLS 4605 – Senior Capstone Experience.

NOTE: No student will be eligible to register for SLS 4605 after the deadline (one week after classes begin).

Pre-senior Capstone Experience Application Packet

Eligibility Requirements – Part A: A description of the prerequisite criteria and the registration prerequisites for SLS 4605. This form must be signed and dated indicating your understanding of the criteria and prerequisites.
Eligibility Requirements – Part B: Your contact information, a checklist of courses completes, identification of semester in which you plan to take SLS 4605 – Senior Capstone Experience. This form is completes by you and must be signed by the student's Faculty Advisor.
Resume: An updated resume with all previous internship, industry, and activity/program experiences leading to the Senior Capstone Experience reviewed by Career Services.
Cover Letter: Sample cover letter written to an individual within an organization of interest in a specific geographical location and specific spot sector (e.g., marketing, communications, sales).
Career Services Verification Form: Confirming that they have reviewed your resume/cover letter.
Bio Sheet: Providing a brief summary of your background and interests.
NOTE: During the Spring Semester of the junior year, an administrative registration hold will be in effect until the Pre-Senior Capstone Experience Application Packet has been received and approved.