In the Now: July FAQs

As the school year rolls on different situations and questions arise.  As a result, our more frequently asked questions for each month will be posted below.  If you do not see a topic covered, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to e-mail us at or at 901.678.2115.

Important Dates and Deadlines

To stay up to date on all upcoming dates and deadlines, please check out our UMparent calendar

July 1: Residence Hall Check-in Summer Second Session

July 3-4: Independence Day Holiday, University Closed

July 5: First Day of Second Session Classes

July 6: Last Day to Add or Change Sections, Summer Second Session

July 12: Fall 2017 Undergraduate Graduation Filing Deadline

July 17-20: Frosh Camp Session II

Summer Classes

Students can register for the second summer session classes until July 6, 2017.  The university offers a wide range of classes for our students during the summer. 

For more information on the class offerings, please click here.

Housing is available for students enrolled in classes during the summer semester.  For more information on how students can signup for summer housing, please visit the Residence Life web site.

New Student and Parent Orientation

Students and parents are encouraged to attend orientation, as it prepares both for college life at the University of Memphis.  Parents have a chance to learn about their student’s new home and ask all the questions they like. 

For more information on New Student Orientation, please click here.

For more information on Parent Orientation, please click here.

Immunization Forms for New Students

The Student Health Center maintains a website that outlines the immunizations that new students will need to receive before registering for classes.  Tennessee state law dictate that all students comply with the immunization requirements as outlined.  Completion of the immunization form is required to register full time.

How can my student make me an Authorized User for TIgerXpress?

Students can sign up to give others (parents, employers, etc.) the ability to access their account information in the TigerXpress system. Authorized users may view student account balance and make payments. Students have the option to give Authorized Users access to their eBills and payment history.

Click here for more information about Authorized Users and how your student can make you one.

Student Newspaper

Do you want to know what is going on on-campus from a student point of view?  Read the student newspaper, The Daily Helmsman, by clicking here. It is published once a week during the summer.