phone Phones, Voicemail, and CATV

Phone: Upgrade or Downgrade Equipment

Service Description: 

Request to upgrade from an analog to digital telephone set or downgrade from a digital to analog telephone set.

Who Can Request? 

Authorized members of faculty, staff, and service desk. Note: Authorized users are faculty or staff. These people have been identified or approved by the Dean, Chair, or Department head. They may request services that will incur an expenditure from a referenced, valid account.

How to Request Service?

For assistance, please submit a service request.

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

To submit a service request, include: affiliation, desired due date, billing index number, building/room number, and urgency. Also include your phone/extension number. The Department Name and Department Head approving work order changes is also required. Additional Information would be the set type being requested. Note: Service Request must be submitted by an authorized member of faculty, staff, or Service Desk.