class  Classroom and Lab Support

ITS support is provided for issues related to software and audio visual technology in classrooms, public areas, and conference rooms.


Computer Lab: Create and deploy university standard operating system 

ITS will create a standard operating system for lab deployment. Your Local Support Provider may make modifications as needed.


Computer Lab: Design

An ITS employee will work with one of the Universities A/V and Computer vendors to spec out equipment for the space in question.


Computer Lab: Repair Equipment

Repair lab equipment, including computer station, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer.



iPrint gives students the ability to print in certain locations from their personal computer (desktop or laptop). More info can be found on our iPrint page. A request for assistance with this service can be made at anytime.


Scheduling a Collaboration Room (UC265)

Located in the University Center 265, are 4 Collaborative spaces that students can reserve to discuss group projects/prepare for presentations.


Smart Classroom: Design

An ITS employee will work with one of the Universities A/V and Computer vendors. The ITS employee and vendor will spec out equipment for the space in question.


Smart Classroom: Maintenance

Repair smart classroom equipment, including computer station, projector, projector screen, document camera, and DVD player.


Smart Classroom: Provide Consulting and Training

Training session on how to properly utilize the technology in the smart classroom you will be teaching in.


Software: Evaluate

Requests can be made to examine the feasibility of adding or updating software in the current computer lab environment.


Software: Install

Requests can be made to have new software installed within your computer lab.


Software:  TAF Procurement

Requests can be made to purchase new software for use in a computer lab/Smart Classroom utilizing TAF funding.