network  Network and WiFi Connectivity

Submit a request or report an issue involving connecting a computer or device to the UofM network.



The UofM Single Sign-On System (SSO) now includes Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities. This means that users protect their accounts by requiring a second means to authenticate in addition to their password. Passwords alone have become increasingly easy to hack and MFA substantially reduces the threat of unauthorized access to accounts.


IP Address Management/DHCP

Request a static IP address. ITS manages the IP address space for the network, as well as private address space.


NAC (Aruba Clearpass)

Request to resolve issues on the Network Access Control system for wireless, IOT & Gaming devices/operational issues.


Host Name Management/DNS 

Request or modify host name (CNAME, A Record, etc.) for DNS. 


Network Data Connection: Install 

Request a data connection in a specific location. This includes the installation of the data cable, jack, and switchport in the data closet.


Network Data Connection: Relocate 

Request to relocate a data connection in a specific location to another location. This request includes the installation of the data cable, jack, and switch port in the data closet.


Network Data Connection: Repair

Request to repair a damaged or non-functioning data connection. Repairs may include: repair of the data jack, switch port, or patchcords.



A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to securely access university network resources, such as umApps, remote desktop, from the internet.


Wireless Access Blocked

Report and request assistance for blocked wireless access.


Wireless Access Point Support

Request support for wireless access points connection issues and coverage issues.


Wireless Access Point: Install

Request the installation of an additional wireless access point to improve coverage.


Wireless Access Point: Repair

An existing access point that is damaged or is not functioning properly may need to be repaired or replaced.